Game: Give me a band/artist, and I'll show my favorite song from them!

This game is really popular on Instagram right now. So why not bring it here?

How to play: Someone names a band or an artist. The person below replies with the song they like best by that artist, then they name another one.

What if I want to name my favorite song by an artist, but the user above me already replied?
It doesn’t matter! You can reply to as many posts as you like in this thread with your favorite song by that artist.

What if I don’t like anything by that artist or I’m not familiar with their music?
You can reply “I don’t like their music” or “I don’t know them”.

1. Be respectful. It’s okay to say “I don’t like that singer/band” or “I don’t listen to rap music”, but it’s not okay to say “Only stupid people listen to them!” or “I hate that singer! I hope they die!”

Okay, so… first artist:

Michael Jackson


Can’t stop the feeling
Flo Rida?


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Harry style

Is that from Flo Rida??

Nope but do you have a favorite Harry style song. He was a former one direction.

…Excuse me?

Okay, whatever. As for Flo Rida, I like Right Round.

Imagine Dragons?

Ariana Grande?

One Last Time

Alec Benjamin?


Put Your Hearts Up

Haven’t heard any of his songs, but I’ll look him up right now

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Taylor swift, anyone?

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Probably the bad blood :drop_of_blood:

Does anyone want to suggest another artist so we can post our favorite songs by them?

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How about Selena Gomez?

Lose you to love me

BTS ??


Alan Walker?

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Ed Sheeran?