Genres in anime/manga VS Western Media

What are some differences and similarities between genres within both of them? Do you find one portrays that particular genre more realistically or are they the same? Is there one you prefer in general on a certain medium? @AnimeNerds


Anime is more broad in terms of genre and can appeal to multiple age groups while western media is much less broad and follows a specific pattern. It is more popular for producing drama’s and more sub-genre of drama

The art style for Japanese anime is focused more on large eyes with numerous reflective highlights and detailed color, as well as small noses and mouths drawn with minimal lines, will Western anime is more towards realism.(doesn’t apply to all anime)

Can you tell if it the anime/manga is from Japan or western countries just by looking at the art style?

How can you tell them apart?


I mean, someone from the west can easily draw something that looks like it came from Japan, they can also write that way too given they do the correct research and learn how.

If we’re talking cartoons VS anime that’s something different, they’re judged using a different metric

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