Getting Back Into Writing

So, I’ve recently gotten back into writing with some of my OC’s; I’ve found an old USB drive of mine and some of the one-shots, aren’t half bad. None have been published because I’m terrified of the comments. Should I publish some of them on Wattpad or start fresh? What do y’all usually do? (I also want to apologize for what happened. I know I’m not the best writer ever but I’ve felt inspired lately.)

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


I’m sorry guys, truly. I’ll be deleting soon.

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Wait, what?

I’m just…overwhelmed. I’m sorry.

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Hey, I don’t think you should forget or delete them, nor should you leave. I would love to check them out. Though if they’re shorter stories, why not think about Tapas to publish them over Wattpad?


Tapas? I have a Wattpad for reading fanfiction, but I’m terrified of publishing my stuff because a lot of it is old. Like 2011 old haha. Though I love the back and forth of an rp plot, these are different. Some stories are almost complete or leave you hanging. I’d never delete old work. I use them for references really.

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Tapas is similar to Wattpad, though I find it better. You can schedule chapters to be published too, which is a cool feature. Aww, don’t be scared. I mean, if you don’t promote your work then very few users will see it, so it will only really be seen by those you send a link too at first.
Maybe just tweak them then before posting, to make sure they’re perfect to you.

Thanks for the advice, and actually talking to me. It means a lot to me. I’m currently looking at Tapas right now. The similarities between the two is interesting. Kinda liking this Tapas (not the Mexican dessert! Lol)

Hey, I’m always keen to talk, babe. If you ever think you’re being ignored then tag me and I’ll make sure to reply to you. (wink) … Wicked. What sort of stories are you into? Yeah, they’re really similar but awesome in their own ways. BAHAHAHAHAHA! Solid joke right there.

I dunno, just generally whatever fandoms I’m obsessed in. I have OC’s from anime to real life. I’ve even taken a Pixar movie and written in my own OC in there.

Ooooh… cool. So you’re more into fanfic then?

i heard fanfic and i’m here hi!

if you write and wanna publish fanfic, i’d 1000% recommend Archive of Our Own
it’s very neat and the tagging system is amazing, so you can have more control over your target audience and people can fins exactly what they’re looking for (most of the time at least)


added some tags

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Yeah I write a little bit of fanfiction. It’s a good way to express ones-self.

Yeah, true. Then as Cam said, Archive of Our Own is great for that. (wink)

Thanks!! I’ll try to post some soon. And I’ll let ya know when I do. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Sounds like a plan.

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I would read through, see if you get any creative juices going, improve or add anything you want, then share it to your friends :grin:

Ohh, I actually thought of a good plot a few hours ago. hehehe

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WRITE. THEM. DOWN. :smiley: