Give me a prompt and I will make a scene out of it!

All credit for this topic idea goes to @AMagic!

So basically you give me a writing prompt and I make it into a scene!

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You see a beautiful doll sitting on the top of a dusty shelf in the attic. Your mother walks in, looking for you.
“Mommy! Can I have that doll?”
“No sweety, because that doll is your sister.”


el gasp


Dammit, her mom screwed a doll didn’t she


You decide to go to your room after a long day after school. But when you walk in, you feel like you are being watched. You quickly look for cameras, there are none. So how are you being watched? Then you see the doll you abandoned 10 years ago when you were two. You see the dust collected on it and around it. But decided to pick it. You brush the doll off and it falls to the floor. You peak your head into the other room and ask,
“Mommy! Can I have this dolly, again?”
Your mom turns around to you and puts her newspaper on the table. She sees the doll you are holding and she becomes pale.

“No! Sweety, she is your sister.”


“I am an only child!” I scream at my mom

“No. THAT doll is your sister, she was cursed into that body 10 years ago when you stopped talking to her.”


Ooo nice! but lowkey dark

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Yep, I tend to have dark stories. Also, I forgot about this thread. So let me just bump it. :joy:

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Bump! Anyone want one?


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Alena James Waller, the Queen of England, walked down the stairs and into the dinning room in her new red dress. She didn’t care that she was 61, she loved to dress up. She sat down for dinner with her sonHarold and tran-female daughter Alexia. “Mother,” Alexia said her voice quiet.
“Yes, Alexand-“ she stutters “Sorry, Alexia.”
“The new maid is behind you. Her name is Johanna Patten,” Alexia whispers.
Alena turns and looks at the new maid who is smiling with a phone in her hand.
“Why aren’t you bowing young lady?!” Alena asks appalled.
“Why should I bow to you? I just work for you,” Alexia, Alena, and Harold get up from their chairs.
“How dare you! We are royalty and you are a maid! You HAVE to bow to us!” Harold booms.
Johanna rolles her eyes.

“No!” She blurts as she laughs.

“You should bow to me.” Johanna laughs.
“Why?!” They all blurt angrily.
Johanna raises her hand and points it a flower in the back of the room. A lighting bolt shoots from her hand and hits the flower, burning it.

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I’m literally so funny omg