Give me those victorian books sistas! 👌🏽

I love Victorian episode stories! I’d love if ya’ll give me some victorian stories that don’t have cliches! I want adventure, doesn’t have to be romance.

Don’t suggest me the Earl one, I already am almost finished with it. Please, also give me any era books… like old eras? For example:

80s, 90s, 30s, 20s, 1828, etc.

Okay, list em down below! :smile:

Also, it can be from: Episode or Wattpad.


Yass i’m a sucker for those :star_struck:


In the future if we have a time machine I’ll go to the past, just to correctly write a past era book.

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Yes, and we can collab :rofl:

Btw have you read The ruby tiara and The moonlit feathers? These are very original and totally medevial era

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