Glitch: whatever the heck this is


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What’s the issue :eyes:

  1. I never got group tagged
  2. Group tags usually look like this


thanks for the help


No prob. :+1:t2:

I’m pretty sure that it’s your following notifications.
If you want them to go away, unfollow people.

As Skyler has said (I’m just confirming) that’s notifications of people you’re following, they stack too so if you don’t want those notifications either unfollow people or mute the threads.

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Okay, new glitch discovered

It says I’m following Ana when I most definitely am not

Okay, I don’t know why or what those glitches are. I also don’t know if anybody else is experiencing the same issue but going on the lines this is just a you thing then try clearing cache and stuff.

It says that because the profile is hidden, if you still have this issue just go to the profile and follow and then unfollow