GONE by Michael Grant

I was wondering if anyone else had read the books? I would most definitely recommend them, I really enjoyed reading the series and am currently making my way through the books again.

So for anyone who has read them:

  1. Favourite Character?
  2. Best scene?
  3. What power would you have if you could pick?
  4. How many power bars would you have?

Disclaimer; I only thoroughly read the first book and a half (I was too traumatized to go on lmao) but I did read the synopsis of the rest of the books, so I’m not worried about spoilers lol

Petey, I feel like he’s done really well as a character and his near-limitless powers always freak me out when he uses them.

More like worst scene, lol, but at the beginning of Hunger when E.Z. gets eaten alive by worms. I remember reading it in class and having to put the book down for a solid 5 minutes to process what I had just read, so… well done, Grant. I guess.

Reading powers is pretty useful, but if I was the only one with them, probably telekinesis, or shooting napalm like that girl from book one… until she dies… she was like 5 wtf

2 or 3. Enough to have cool powers, but not enough to attract any crazies.

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Lmao ikr it was just like death everywhere

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Yeha like the time a whole pre-k almost suicided off a cliff

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… rocks ahoy? XD

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