Good Wattpad Stories About Infection Outbreaks?

Inspired by the: Episode Wiki - Stories About Diseases and Isolation thread I wanted to make a place where you can share stories you read on Wattpad that include infection outbreaks. So have you read any, drop the name and preferably a link down below :purple_heart:


Uh, has anyone read any Wattpad outbreak stories? Or better yet, is anyone writing one?
I’m happy to give your story a read if you’re writing one!

@WattpadWizards does one of you know any good Wattpad stories about infection outbreaks?

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The only one I can think of is Dead in Bed by @/adrian_birch … it’s at its core a dystopian adventure about an outbreak of an infection, although it later breaks the wall really hard (note - it’s also pretty NSFW because of its content :grimacing:). I liked it a lot, though!

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