Good Western Anime

What are some good western anime’s you’ve watched?

Personally, Castlevania is the only western anime I’ve actually watched, and it’s very good.

What about you @AnimeNerds ?

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I think RWBY is western anime

Wanna summarize it in your own opinionated version? :eyes:

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I would definitely recommend it

It’s about 4 girls in a universe (I forgot the name) they start taking training to become hunters.

definitely recommend if you’re looking for action mixed in with adventure, romance, and many other elements!

Remember- for me first two seasons aren’t too interesting but from e season it’s boom!

I think Blood of Zeus is also a Western anime, I’m not too sure, but the people who made Castlevania also made Blood fo Zeus. And of course you can’t forget A:TLA, one of the best cartoons ever made.

Cowboy Bebop and Avatar: the Last Airbender

Romance between the girls or?

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Boys boys