Gotham: A City Gone Mad [Official Thread]

Gotham: A City Gone Mad. :cityscape:

Welcome to Gotham, A city…shrouded in mystery and crime. Many millenniums ago, an evil warlock was buried alive beneath what would one day become the central island of Gotham. It is alleged that while the warlock laid in a state of torpor, his evil essence seeped into the soil, poisoning the ground with his dark, corrupt touch. By the warlock’s own reasoning, he claims that he fathered the modern spirit of Gotham City and has even taken to calling himself-* Doctor Gotham. Now here in the 20th Century crime and corruption has reached a significant height in Gotham in which it became immortally characterized as a dark foreboding metropolis. At the same time, however, Gotham became the home of two of the earliest super-heroes: the Golden Age Green Lantern and Black Canary. Eventually, the Justice Society of America would even make its headquarters in Gotham for a short while. However, no matter what good these forces managed to do, the city remained in the control of organized crime.

The Goal: The Batman who laughs, A sadistic super-villain and the evil counterpart and alternate version of Batman within the multiverse. He is depicted as a hybrid of both Batman and Batman’s arch enemy The Joker and a member of the Dark Knights. Somehow he gained access to Gotham through time manipulation breaking free from his former home Earth -22. Angered and relentless he’s planning to wreck havoc upon Gotham City, Using the same chemicals that transformed him with the goal of turning them into a combination of himself and Batman. Citizens, Hero’s, Villains no one is safe- Will everyone be able to save themselves and Gotham at the same time?

  • No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s it’s literally impossible.
  • Please be respectful of everyone in the role-play.
  • PLEASE Be active! A post every 4 days is required, If you give an excused reason as to why you need more than 4 days please pm me. After a week of inactivity you will receive a warning through pm. After 2 weeks your character will be put up for adoption.
  • Relationships are allowed along with: Sex and Drugs. although make it minimal with a trigger warning, Anything too descriptive take it to PM.
  • Do not attempt to kill characters without permission from the owner of said character.
  • Please add location to your character’s name so it wont be confusing on where you were if you take some time off the rp.


  • Brideshead
  • Burnley
  • Burnside
  • Cherry Hill
  • Chinatown
  • Devil’s Square
  • East End
  • Crime Alley
  • Gotham Heights
  • Gotham Village
  • Miller Harbor
  • Otisburg
  • The Bowery
  • Crown Point
  • The Hill
  • The Narrows
  • Tricorner
Parks/Recreational Areas.
  • Robinson Park
  • Grant Park
  • Gotham Children’s Museum
  • Gotham Museum of Antiquities
  • Gotham Natural History Museum
  • Wedgwood Museum
  • Gotham River
  • Sprang River
  • Finger River
  • Dillon Academy
  • Evanston High School (A magnet school.)
  • J.J. Carmody Senior High School
  • Louis E. Grieve Memorial High School
  • Gotham Academy
  • Gotham Heights High School
  • Gotham City High School
  • Gotham University
  • Widow Creek Elementary
Other Public Locations.
  • Amusement Mile
  • Archie Goodwin International Airport
  • Gotham Cathedral
  • Gotham Cemetery
  • Gotham City General Hospital
  • Gotham City Hall
  • Gotham City Police Headquarters
  • Gotham Public Library
  • Gotham Clock Tower
  • Gotham Subway
  • Gotham Zoo
  • Sacred Heart Convalescent Home
  • Saint Eligius Medical Center
  • St. Michael’s Square
  • Thomas Wayne Memorial Clinic
  • West Mercy Hospital
  • Ace Chemical Processing Plant
  • Gotham Opera House/Vauxhall Opera Shell and Indoor Concert Center.
  • Caroline’s Diner
  • S.T.A.R. Labs
  • Iceberg Lounge
  • Monarch Theater
  • Noonan’s Bar
  • O’Shaughnessy’s
  • Peregrinator’s Club
  • Rags 'n Tatters
  • Jack’s Old Diner
  • Easy Living Daycare
  • Sea-Fine Seafood
  • Silver Lake Shopping Plaza
  • Sundollar Coffee (multiple locations)
  • Tobacconists’ Club
  • Minxy’s Wedding Planning
  • Wayne Enterprises
  • Wayne Aerospace
  • Wayne Industries
  • Gotham Broadcasting Company (GBC)
  • Gotham Gazette
  • WXYZ Radio (Channel 2)
  • Gotham Eagle
Other Locales.
  • Arkham Asylum
  • Batcave
  • Blackgate Penitentiary
  • Club Vesuvius
  • Finnigan’s
  • Gotham State Penitentiary
  • Hall of Justice (Super Friends continuity only)
  • Iceberg Lounge
  • Justice Society Headquarters
  • My Alibi
  • Shadowcrest
  • Slaughter Swamp
  • The Stacked Deck
  • Toxic Acres
  • Wayne Manor
  • Wayne Tower


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Harley Quinn: [@AstroPoison ]
Catwoman: [@AstroPoison]
Starfire: [@AstroPoison]
Joker: [@BlueInferno]
Riddler: [@BlueInferno]
White Rabbit: [@TL_DR]
Batgirl: [@TL_DR]
Nightwing: [@TL_DR]
Raven: [@euphoriaa]
Azrael: [@BlueInferno]
Batwoman: [@SilverKittrn]
Hush: [@GlitterFist]
Dollmaker: [@GlitterFist]
Speedy: [@Bexs]
Beast Boy: [@Bexs]
The Signal: [@Sylas_Breik57]
Gotham Girl: [@Sylas_Breik57]
Lady Shiva: [@Kunimitzzu]

NOTE: Locations are there for role-play purposes, Anything is available to work in.

Writing Format:

Character name is in bold or colored text.
Actions are normal text.
Thoughts are italic.
“Speaking is in quotation marks.”

The moon has set and the morning sun has beamed upon the earth’s surface, Police aren’t on much of an edge since some criminals only move within the night- The streets began to fill with pedestrians as the morning news chimes in updating civilians, heroes, and criminals alike on any crime that happened within the night. A new day, A new foe, A new journey has just begun. Your character could be at home, at a cafe, just finishing up a robbery or anything of your choice.


:black_joker: The Batman Who Laughs :black_joker:


“Your just in time!” I said with my signature wide smile sharp pointed teeth emitting from every edge.

???: “What do you want from me!? I thought you were imprisoned here!” The person blurted out strapped down and afraid.

“What do I want from you? Hm… Oh yes! Your ship!” I said as I happily skipped over to the table the victim was tied down on.

???: “I will never give you my ship you monster!” The victim spoke out but quickly regretted what they said as The Batman Who Laughs picked up a knife and shoved it deep within their leg they screamed out in pain.

“Tsk tsk. Let’s not be rude for such a happy event!” I said pulling the knife back out of the victim’s leg as I raised my finger to my mouth making a shh motion.

“Don’t worry…I’ll take good care of Gotham.” I said with a sinister laugh and proceed to pick up a scalpel and pointed it near the victim’s mouth. “I think you should smile a bit more- Everyone loves a good joke.” I said as darkness faded around the room and the victim’s scream could only be heard throughout the halls.



:black_joker: Harley Quinn :black_joker:

“Bum bum la da da dum.” Harley hummed a tune as she brushed around the soap bubbles. Her small tv blared the newest episode of some romantic soap opera. Harley leaned over a bit to snag a couple of chips as she popped them into her mouth.

Harley sighed washing the soap bubbles of her hair and stepping out of the tub, Quickly throwing on a robe. After a few hours she immediately felt bored flicking aimlessly through the channels. “Ah nothin’ is ever good on this stupid tv.” Harley sprung up and got dressed.

She looked outside the window clearly seeing it was late at night, Harley quickly grabbed and slipped into some black and red shorts and an equally colored top. Throwing on a red and blue jacket, and Black and red boots to match.

Snatching a few hair bands she tied her hair into pigtails and threw on a cap. Unlocking her apartment door she skipped down the hall and downstairs. She opened the building door stepping into the bustling city…The sky was dark but the air was fresh, The cars beeped and honked loudly as the loud motor of the train blared across the citizens.

Harley walked alongside the sidewalk, Her boots tapped against the concrete as she made her way to the nearest convenience store. Ding the door alerted the shopkeeper as he kept a close eye on Harley. She merely rolled her eyes and snagged a small cart.

Throwing in a few snacks and candy bars she opened one up and took a bite. “Hey Ma’am, You gonna pay for that?” The shopkeeper asked in an already annoyed tone.

Harley blank-faced him momentarily then smiled and gave a laugh. Harley then walked to the store exit as the man shouted and attempted to come towards Harley to which he only earned a hard kick in the face that night.

After the entire ordeal at the convenience store Harley plopped down on a bench and flipped out her phone, Checking a few contacts she debated on who to call.


(Nothing’s showing but I still blurred anyway.)



:black_heart: Catwoman :black_heart:

It was late in the night, The moonlight beamed down on the city. Reflecting off of the windows as Selina slithered around the corner spotting a few local guards. She sighed hopping she’d get to make quick entrance but ah well.

Sporting her typical black cat-like bodysuit that glimmered alongside the moon and a fresh layer of red lipstick, Equipped with goggles, sharp claws and her whip firmly wrapped around her body.

Selina latched onto a wall ledge, Hoisting herself up with ease as she leaped onto another ledge. With a quick whistle she alerted the guards as they looked up at her in shock. “You boys look like you could use a break.” Selina stated with a sly smirk…Of course before they could even react she had taken out her whip and had them tied upside within seconds.

“It was fun playing with you boys but I’ve got a diamond to fetch.” Selina blew them a small kiss as she jumped down the chute leading to the vault. Her claws created small sparks as she went down softly landing on her feet.

“Now…Let’s see.” Selina stated as she looked around the room. Cliche lasers surrounding the vault entrance. *"Ha. Amateur Work."

Selina flipped in between each laser twisting and turning her body at exceptional speed. And landing right at the vault door. Thankfully she cracked the code long ago and turned the wheel with each click it only made her grow more interested in what lied inside.

The vault door cracked open as Selina’s eyes widened, Heaps upon heaps of gold and treasure.Trinkets piled on-top of thousands of gold coins.

“And I thought banks had the most fortune.” Selina stated pondering on how easy it was to get inside the place. “It was far too easy to get inside though…So much for tight security huh…” Selina stated referring to the billionaire who owned the vault.

Selina didn’t hesitate to fill her bag with as much gold and items as she could, Granted everything in here was expensive but no where near the price of The arctic diamond one of the most expensive diamonds known to the man’s family name.

As soon as Selina touched the glass multiple weapons emerged from the walls firing what looked to be big sticky black bubbles. Selina began to dodge the bubbles as quick as she could. “I guess I spoke to soon about that security.” Selina stated with a raised eyebrow.

Hastily she carved a circle with her sharp claws snatching the diamond and placing it in the bag. Alarms blared left and right as the mansion began to lockdown…Yells and screams could be heard as heavy footsteps ran towards the vault hallway.


“And that’s my cue.” Selina said with a smirk as she used her whip as a grappling hook swinging out of the nearly shut window and onto the next building. Selina ran and leaped from building to building until she was safely away from the mansion. She landed on a roof and slung her bag over her shoulder.



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It had been a quiet night, as quiet as it could be in a new house in the center of the city. Even after hours of cleaning and reorganizing, the place was still as filthy as it had been when the new owner first bought it; Even pure citrous oxide couldn’t dissolve the thick layer of gristle and grime that covered the place, just like it covered all the oldest buildings in Gotham. Oswald hated the inner-city filth of the house, just as he hated the creaking bamboo floors, echoing rafters, and dim, grey lighting. The whole thing was unfamiliar, alien, and far too gothic- He felt like he was sleeping in Frankenstein’s Castle. Maybe that was appropriate, though, for him- He was a Monster, after all.
Either way, he could survive a bit of dust and noise. The move here was a tactical decision- What better place to run for Mayor of Gotham than the city’s heart? He’d like to see Dent beat that.

Oswald had decided to take advantage of the momentary quiet between rushhours by practicing campaign speeches in his study. He paced around the lofty-ceilinged room, his long, talon-like toenails clicking against the hardwood like heels, reciting the openers he’d scribbled down. “People of Gotham…” “My fellow citizens…” He tried to immitate the politicians he’d seen on the television, but where they easily came accross as warm and approachable, he sounded cold and haughty. What was it about him that made this so hard? Was it his vocabulary? Was it the criminal record? Or… Just maybe… Was there somehow a lack of confidence in his voice that gave him away? Even before he’d decided to run, he’d worked on perfecting the appearance he gave off: Powerful and in control. But, if he was really so powerful, why wasn’t he practicing these speaches in front of a mirror like his campaign manager had told him to? How could he possibly run a city if he couldn’t stand to look at his own reflection?

Unfortunately, (Or maybe fortunately, as his thoughts were getting more serious then he’d planned to be tonight) Oswald was interrupted as a low-pitched, rumbling alarm wailed throughout the house. Someone was breaking into his vault, which didn’t surprise him that much considering the new mansion’s location. If this had happened a day sooner, he would have owed Veronica a bet. He quickly grabbed his umbrella and his coat, slinging it over his pajamas, and raced down the spiral staircase to the main foyer. Various guards and staff members were scurrying around, having forgotten their protocols under the pressure of the situation. Once they caught a glimpse of Oswald, however, they began to scatted like cockroaches. Oswald had arrived just in time to stop one of the guards, hooking him around them neck with his umbrella’s handle. “Where did they go?” He demanded, and the guard looked up at him like a deer in the headlights. “W-Who?” The guard stuttered. “Lon Chaney.” Oswald said sarcastically. “Who do you think?! The theif!” The guard sheepishly pointed to a balconey, where Oswald immediately went to see a sleek, black figure atop a nearby building, silloetted against the moon. He smiled wryly before calling up to the figure:

“Madam Kyle! We’ve been over this, have we not? I’ve agreed to stay out of your territory, which means you stay out of mine.” Looking up at her, he could see something large and bright glittering in her hand. The arctic diamond. His eyes widened. “That’s a heirloom, you know. It’s been in my family for eight generations.” He pushed a button on the side of his umbrella, and a grappling hook shot into the building at Kyle’s feet, repelling him up to meet her on top of the roof. He held out his hand to her politely. “Could I have that back, please?”

@ForeverAngel - Catwoman

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:black_heart: Catwoman :black_heart:

Selina took out the diamond as it sparkled within the damp and cold night. “I guess diamonds really are a girls best friend.” Selina stated with a smirk.

Suddenly a shiver ran up her spine as she sensed someone coming near her. She looked back towards the mansion.

“Madam Kyle! We’ve been over this, have we not? I’ve agreed to stay out of your territory, which means you stay out of mine.” Looking up at her, he could see something large and bright glittering in her hand. The arctic diamond. His eyes widened. “That’s a heirloom, you know. It’s been in my family for eight generations.” Penguin stated.

“I know…Isn’t it purrfect” Selina stared holding up the exquisite diamond with pride.

He pushed a button on the side of his umbrella, and a grappling hook shot into the building at Kyle’s feet, repelling him up to meet her on top of the roof. He held out his hand to her politely. “Could I have that back, please?” He asked.

Selina safely placed the diamond back in the bag.

“Hm, As much as I would love too reunite you with such a charming trinket…” Selina started off as she backed up with a sly look.

“I have a ride to catch.” Selina’s whip wrapped around a lamp post as she leaped off the building landing on a nearby bus.

She looked back up at the building at a snarling penguin, She merely waved her hand back towards him.

“What a shame.” Selina stated.

@GlitterFist - Penguin

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Another long night at the clinic. Barton had had to work more and more long nights lately, after the explosion at Ace. Lots and lots of reconstructive work to be done, now that they were starting to pull more people out of the rubble. He sighed and shifted in his bus seat, running his fingers along his aching hands. Usually, he never felt sore after work, but tonight… His hands shook and cramped, and tendons creaked under the skin, stretched too far. Wouldn’t it be nice, He thought, To just get rid of it? I could take my scalpel out of my bag right now. It’d be quick. Just a couple cuts and then…

He snapped out of his trance and scolded himself for thinking like that again. Taking the rubber band he’d had wound around his wrist for these situations, he wound it around his finger a few times before letting go and letting it snap against his skin. Bad Barton. Bad. These thoughts usually got worse at night, once the pills he took in the morning started to wear off. By now, he’d usually be in his kitchen swallowing down his nighttime dose, but he’d had to take the late bus home today. It’d be at least half an hour before he could take his pills again. He tried to keep calm, to not think about it. If he got too worked up, it’d only get worse.

The bus crawled its way to the next stop, and a young woman with an incredibly fat toddler in her arms got on. The child was fussing and mewling, and it was obvious to anyone (Except the mother, apparently) that it would cry soon. The mother looked young, too young, and frazzled. She walked quickly down the aisle, looking for a vacant seat, as the child began to howl louder and louder. Eventually, she came to Barton’s seat, noticing the empty space next to him. “Is this seat taken?” She asked, struggling with the infant as it wriggled about in her arms, screaming. The toddler’s face was beet red now, twisted up in tiny rage, as it screeched and moaned with bitter tears. The sound got louder and louder, until Barton could feel his eardrums rattling in his skull.

Unable to take it anymore, Barton jumped from his seat. The young mother screamed as he pounced on her, knocking he infant out of her arms and sending it rolling down the aisle. He ran after the bundle as it tried to crawl away, grabbing it. It shreiked as his other hand wrapped around the small throat, squeezing tighter and tighter as the limbs thrashed about. Then, eventually, he let go. The child was quiet now, and Barton sighed, satisfied, and dropped the tiny body at his feet.

And then he snapped out of his trance, and found himself back in loud, dissapointing, painful, aching reality. He looked up at the young mother, who still waited for his answer. The infant was still crying in her arms. Barton wound the rubber band around his wrist again and smiled up at the mother. “The seat’s free.” He assured her, letting the rubber band go.

Bad Barton. Bad.


Oswald rolled his eyes as Kyle jumped off of the roof and landed on a nearby bus. Things could never be simple, could they? Running to keep up with the vehicile as it sped off, he eventually jumped down from the roof as well and landed on the bus, towards the back. After stumbling for a bit on the rain-slicked roof, he eventually got his balance, and looked up at Selena as she smirked at him.

“I asked you nicely once, Miss Kyle, but now I really must insist that you return my property to me.” He said, leaning on his umbrella. “I don’t want to fight you. It’d be ungentlemanly to hit a young lady. But if you don’t give it back, I won’t be able to make a very important deal, and I won’t have my run for office ruined by a cat burglar.”

He aimed the firing end of his umbrella at her, his hand poised over the hidden trigger. “So what’ll it be? Are you going to make me mar my manners?” He asked.

@ForeverAngel - Catwoman

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:black_heart: Catwoman :black_heart:

Catwoman sighed noticing Penguin leap into the bus alongside her.

“I asked you nicely once, Miss Kyle, but now I really must insist that you return my property to me.” He said, leaning on his umbrella. “I don’t want to fight you. It’d be ungentlemanly to hit a young lady. But if you don’t give it back, I won’t be able to make a very important deal, and I won’t have my run for office ruined by a cat burglar.” Penguin added.

He aimed the firing end of his umbrella at Selina, His hand poised over the hidden trigger. “So what’ll it be? Are you going to make me mar my manners?” He asked.

Selina laughed momentarily at Penguin’s feeble attempt to scare her as she looked at him.

“Little birds should stay away from big bad kittycats.” Selina quipped as her whip quickly unwrapped from her body and wrapped around the penguins umbrella she snatched it away from him as the umbrella flew across the street.

“You have two options, Fight like a real man…” Selina trailed off.

“Or go fetch.” Selina stated with a smirk as her whip wrapped back around her body she awaited his answer.

@GlitterFist - Penguin

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:yin_yang: Jaina Hudson :yin_yang:

Jaina woke up groggily, the eager rays of sunshine flooding through the cheap blinds of the hotel room assaulting her eyes. The chirps of the morning birds were a softer version of her normal alarm clock, which was placed neatly on her bedside table back home. Her whole room was neat- her closet color-coordinated, her bedsheets neatly folded and pressed, her carpet clean and plush. It was a perfect reflection of her life as an idolized entrepreneur and socialite- and a complete opposite to the reality of her mind. Twisted and chaotic thoughts lurked in the recesses of her conscious, dreams of cities fallen to ruins and countries thrown into anarchy.

But for now, Jaina was in no position to have those kids of wishes. The most she could cause was the small misstep in people’s lives, a glimpse of something that made them compelled to follow. A prime example of that was the form lying besides her under the bedsheets, not at all startled by her waking. If her estimations were right, this foolish soul would be under for at least another six hours, atoning for his worst sins.

Jaina smiled softly and ran her long, polished nail across his cheek, her golden skin contrasting with the light skin of his face. The special concoction she had mixed up for each and every one of her victims would leave them in a deep sleep, trapped with their worst nightmares. Once the poor soul would’ve woken up, they would be screaming for hours on end, probably sent to Arkham a few days to recover… but they never truly would. Every now and then they would have the same nightmares and start screaming, and keep screaming…

Jaina almost sighed dreamily at the thought. She loved causing chaos in people’s lives. It was her way of releasing them. Breaking off the chain from the norm, the mundane routine of serving the system, and letting themselves be truly free for whatever amount of time they would have. They young man lying stoically next to her would experience the same fate.

Jaina stretched her arms and slid out of the bed, the cheap sheets scratching her skin as it rubbed against them. She paced towards the small, cramped bathroom, glancing at herself in the mirror. Her toned, tanned body would be the object of any man’s desire, which, combined with her status as the daughter of a diplomat and an actress, could make any person swoon. But her power didn’t simply lie in the way she could twist her words, or the fact that she could manipulate any man with nothing more than a glance. Her greatest ability wasn’t the way she could recite the periodic table, or rattle off the top movies in Bollywood. The universe had gifted her with something far, far greater.

She stripped off her clothing- she had learned from experience it would be destroyed if she attempted to use her ability while wearing it. After she was suitably naked, her eyelids fluttered closed, and she began to concentrate. Hee body began to shiver violently, feeling as though every cell, every atom inside her was being split. It used to be painful, but now the process was almost soothing. She found comfort in the chaos she could cause. After about a minute, she opened her eyes, no longer alone in the room. In front of her stood Jaina B, whom she often referred to as just ‘B’- she refused to call her by her stupid villain name. A clone, many might say, though with her pale skin, white hair, and bright pink eyes, you wouldn’t really think it at first. All the more useful for Jaina to cause trouble.

“You actually stayed at this dump?” B asked in a lilted voice, looking around with a sneer.

“I’m sorry, but after I was up chasing you around until midnight, I didnt have much time to drive home,” Jaina snapped. B only giggled in response, walking into the bedroom. Jaina dressed and followed her, finding her in her costume and ready to go out.

“You’re really wearing that thing? It’s only six a.m.,” Jaina said, unamused.

B giggled. “What else would I be wearing?”

Jaina sighed and rolled her eyes. “Go out. Do some insane shit, I don’t know. Meet me at Jack’s at noon, we’ll merge.” B nodded and ran off, seeming as though she was moving much faster than she actually was. ‘Temporal Displacement’, they called it. Jaina didn’t really know, nor care.

She walked over to the man, still knocked out cold in the bed. “As for you…” She traced a nail down his face. “Good luck.” A wide grin spread across her face as she picked up her things and left the room, shutting the door behind her. “I need to go for a walk,” She said, yawning as she exited the motel and walked down the street. The sky was overcast and grey, foreshadowing rain, as it always had. Welcome to Gotham.



He watched as his weapon was snatched away from him, sent flying across the street as the bus sped away past it. He sighed. He’d liked that one- It had stripes of satin on the edges, and it was so hard to find a satin of good quality these days. He’d mourn it later, though. First, he had to get that diamond back.

Taking off his coat (He wasn’t loosing two good satin pieces in one night) he got into a fighting stance, putting his fists up in front of himself. “Let’s make this quick then. I don’t want to be seen like this.” As the bus approached a tunnel, he ducked onto his back to dodge it, taking the chance to kick Selena’s legs out from under her. As the diamond fell out of her bag, velocity caused it to begin rolling towards the edge of the bus’ roof. Oswald was able to catch it just before it fell, and he rose to his feet with it in his hand. “Nice seeing you.” He bowed his head to her before hoping off to catch a ride on top of a nearby car. He waved goodbye to her as the car began to drive past her bus.

@ForeverAngel - Catwoman

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“Let’s make this quick then. I don’t want to be seen like this.” As the bus approached a tunnel, he ducked onto his back to dodge it, taking the chance to kick Selina’s legs out from under her. As the diamond fell out of her bag, velocity caused it to begin rolling towards the edge of the bus’ roof. Oswald was able to catch it just before it fell, and he rose to his feet with it in his hand. “Nice seeing you.” He bowed his head to her before hoping off to catch a ride on top of a nearby car. He waved goodbye to her as the car began to drive past her bus.

“Oh, Nice seen you too little birdy.”

Catwoman raised an eyebrow as she took off her whip it giving Penguin a lash to his hand forcing him to drop the diamond, Selina the whole wrapped around the pristine diamond and Selina snatched it back into her palm.

The bus and car had a good distance between them as Selina leaped onto multiple vehicles.

“Catch me if you can you flightless creature.” Selina stated with a smirk as she catapulted off a car into a building with a large staircase.

@GlitterFist - Penguin


Just when he thought he’d gotten away with the prize, he was whipped on the hand. He let out a string of explitives as he dropped the jewel, which Kyle snatched up like a vulture before leaping away.

“Catch me if you can you flightless creature.” She taunted him as she darted inside a shadowy abandoned building. He followed her closely, the glinting of the diamond through the windows giving away her every move. I thought cats were supposed to be smart. He smirked to himself, and eventually he’d followed her to the old building’s top floor.

A storm began to brew outside, cauing the unstable building to rumble around them. Neither of them would be safe in here for long. He had to get that diamond and get out fast. On the bottom floor of the building, he could here her footsteps on the floors above him. “Here, kitty, kitty…” He called out to her. “If you give up now, I’ll give you a cut of what I’ll get from it. What would you like? 70% of the prize? 80%? As long as I have a little pocket change for myself afterwards, I’ll let you take what you want.”

She was directly above him now, and the walls were rattling as the wind outside picked up. He had to get out of here fast. Above him he could see that the rafter reinforcing the ceiling- The floor for her- Was weak, and connected to a wooden support beam nearby. If he put his weight into that beam, would the rafter give out? Then she’d fall through. Before he could, though, he heard a new challenger approaching.

@ForeverAngel - Catwoman
@TL_DR (Idk which of your characters you or Astro wants to join)

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Claire Clover

Aka, Gotham Girl

She walked down the staircase of the building, heading for the exit when she saw Catwoman make her way into the building.

“Catwoman?” She asked, quickly heading down the stairs and over to her. Hoping she’d answer her question regardless of wether she was dressed as Gotham Girl or not. “You look like you’re running from someone, is that right?”



Suddenly Claire approached, Asking if I was running from someone. Selina flicked a finger towards Penguin with a smirk.

“This little birdy is angry I borrowed his precious diamond.” Selina stated flashing the sparkling item.

“He’s simply a floor below us. A rich man but not a very smart one.” Selina stated hopping onto the nearby window.”



Claire Clover

“'The Penguin? Okay…” She nodded, letting her words trail off as she thought. “Just out of curiosity, what are you ‘borrowing’ that diamond for?”

@ForeverAngel @GlitterFist

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“Well that wouldn’t be a secret anymore if I told you?” Selina stated with a smile noticing the Penguin coming up to the floor they were on.

“I’m so sorry to break up the cat fight but I’ve got a diamond to cash in.” Selina winked.

“And you…Are the purrfect distraction.” Selina chuckled.

“You can handle him.” Selina high kicked Gotham girl into the Penguin and dashed out of the window.

Landing on the concrete ground and stealing a vehicle from a nearby civilian.

Selina blew a quick kiss to the hero and villain and sped down the road.



“This just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?” He mused to himself as he got back to his feet. The Cat had gotten away, but that wasn’t too much of a problem. He would have loved to see her face, though, when she realized that she’d gone through all that for a glass replica. He pulled the real diamond out of his coat pocket and smiled at it with pride. “Who’s rich but not smart now?”

He looked over at the child who had been thrown into him. She looked like a slightly more muscular version of that one girl Robin in a shrunken Nightwing costume. He snorted. “She double-crossed you, too, didn’t she? This is why I’m a dog person.” He helped her up and made his way towards the door. “Don’t worry, whoever-you-are. I don’t want to fight you. I need to put this back where it belongs.” He gestured to the real diamond.

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