Great antagonist and strong opening, please?

@ShanniiWrites I would love to see you giving tips on how to build an antagonist, because most of the high school antagonists these days are just mean girls.

People should know that antagonists doesn’t have to be villans but a main character who objects the protagonist’s goal. I would also like to know how to write an antagonist with human positive traits and flaws and how to make the readers to understand the antagonist’s motive.

Besides, I would also like to know how to write a strong opening. This is very important because the first chapter can determine whenether the reader is interested or not, especially when it comes to the contests.

Thank you.


That’s actually a brilliant idea! I love it and I’ll push it right up my post list now :grin:


For the antagonist, I suggest character exercises. For example, someone on the episode forums has a character exercise thread where they ask you questions about your character and you answer them.

A strong opening? A flash-forward would work well. In my most recent story, I used narration over a variety of backgrounds.