Guess the Plot by Word Games!

The gist of this thread is that you will be guessing the story’s plot by participating in word games. These games will be held in a multitude of ways such as polls, Guess Who Setup, Cipher what the letters say, and many more games like that. Just fill the form out below with the necessary information. Once, you have figured out the plot of the story we will then promote your story on the Instagram account plus my own account so that you can get more exposure as a writer.

@ForumStaff if this is in the wrong category could you fix it? It falls under a multitude of categories.

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This is not relevant- I’ll probably try and submit one after I sleep
But I’ve seen your pfp on her before and until I just clicked on it now I thought it was a blue hamster with red boxing gloves and when I realized what it really was my mind was blown. I need sleep, good night human

I apologize if this was too much weirdness


Lol that is hilarious! I can see where it can come off like that from a zoomed out look. No worries about it being weird! You should go to bed though! Sleep well!

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