Guess The Song Challenge 2.0 🎵

The last game was a blast so let’s repeat it.



  1. The game will be partially in the Skype call. You don’t have to talk, only listen to the song, that I’m gonna play. Last time some people had trouble with Skype, so if you want it to be a Discord instead vote here. Please vote only if you are going/intend to participate.

Which app is more convenient for you?

  • Skype
  • Discord
  • Nothing really matters to meee

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  1. You can join, leave or take a break from game anytime you want, but we won’t wait for you xD We will have a 10-minute break every hour.
  2. We start by playing only one second of a song. Everyone gets only one chance to guess, if no one guesses right, we try 2 seconds, then 5, then 10.
  3. All the replies must be posted in this thread.
  4. Points:
  • 1 point to the first person to guess the artist and the song right.
  • 0.5 point to everyone who guessed either the artist or the song right.
  • 0.5 point to everyone who guessed both the song and the artist right, but wasn’t the first.
  1. Please visit the thread 30 minutes in advance to clarify the way you are going to listen to the song, as it is not clear which one will it be, Skype or Discord.
  2. The winner gets a prize - an art piece by me, with no more than 2 characters.

If you are gonna participate, please vote for the theme of songs:

  • Pop-punk and Emo
  • Classic Rock
  • Songs from movies
  • Boys Bands

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i accidentally voted, i might join but i don’t think i will


Like the way you are using your powers- pinned globally :joy::joy:


She’s never hid that her promotion to leader here was step 1 in her plan for world domination…


I’ll play!

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I shall rule ^^


I accidentally voted :grimacing: and I cannot participate at all.

I’m sorry to postpone the game. I fell asleep yesterday. Is anyone interested in participating today?


Sorry peeps. We will have the 2000-2019 hit songs theme today too.
Who’s in?



Depends on time and different theme please xD

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How are you doing it? Skype or discord (whatever the hell that is)

what is more comfy for u?

More like I only have skypeage

then let it be skype

Okay, send me a message on insta when you’re ready, coz me be writing :slight_smile:


How’d it go?

Anyone wanna go for a Xmas round sometime soon?


this is an awesome idea! will do :slight_smile:

Is this still going on?

bump :slight_smile::rainbow::sunny: