Guide on how to find face claims

A face claim is a reference made to a famous actor or character or person to describe what the character looks like in a quick and easy way.

Most RP’s use actors or models as face claims. Some at the discretion of the owner allow drawing or animated characters.

Where to start looking for face claims?

Pintrest or google is a good place start. You can type what you are looking for.

Or you can use Face claim web pages and pintrest boards used by RPers on here.

Rory RPs

Hero Rp

@/Blackblood made this board

Face claim heaven

Bunch Of Face Claims

Boards by @/Daunt;

Copy right and watermarks

Make sure your FC image is free for use.
Watermarks should not appear on the image.



A lot of ways I get faceclaims is from TV shows or movies. I try to think about TV shows I’ve seen in the past and think of which kind of characters would be a good faceclaim for my character OR I would look at the show on IMDb to see who was in the show to find who could be used for a faceclaim. I think the good part about using faceclaims from movies or TV shows (especially TV shows) would be that you get a good idea on how they talk or how they look when they are sad, laughing or anything else.

I also, when looking on Pinterest, sometimes type ‘(celebrity name) photoshoot’, because then there’s a good chance you will find the best quality pictures of who you want your characters faceclaim to be. Or, if you have an idea on which celebrity you want to use for a faceclaim but can’t find a good quality picture, this website uploads practically every photo of every celebrity, so you won’t miss any!

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I get so many reccomendations from Pinterest which is why I love it! You can find faceclaims from every corner of the internet there and you can specify what type of character inspiration you’re looking for- google for some reason doesn’t have the type of FCs or quality I’m looking for and I often find beautiful gems on Pinterest. Tumblr is a great place too, because they’re also very faceclaim obsessed, simply looking up “Faceclaim directory” can get you sooo many options to choose from and many of them or neatly organized and you can filter for certain things you’re looking for such as ethnicity or age! Movies or TV shows are great but I don’t really reccomend them or using well-known people as FCs because that can get boring quickly to see the same FC over and over again. Speaking of which, you can often find there are many got to FCs that you always see in roleplays just by different owners each time. Avoiding commonly used FCs is another way to make your character stand out!


A lot of RPers use Pinterest and/or celebrities for finding FCs, but personally I just search on Google for what I want. It works really well for me personally when I search things like, “blonde character inspiration” I can find a lot of options that I can use either as the fc or as ideas for furthering my search.


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That’s what I do.

I usually just type in female or male Faceclaims (depending on which gender I want) into google and if I find nothin in the images I go to pinterest or twitter or wattpad. I also have a wattpad story on finding faceclaims for gentlemen who are 40-100 and I have about a dozen

Tbh Pinterest fcs are so bad, talking from experience. I’ve never found a single good one from there.
Instagram is where it’s at, it’s the source of all pretty people 10/10

I’m sometimes just looking around and saving any type of girl and guy. I always try to add a bit of everything, so feel free to look through them if you need inspiration.

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