Guilty Pleasure Books

Any books that are guilty pleasures? (Stand-alone and/or series.)
Do you plan on collecting certain books?
How often do you read them?
Do you feel shame? (Don’t…)

Gossip Girl Series - sooo trashy/problematic, but so addicting :sob: I read it every few years. I’m missing only a few of these books :sweat_smile:
The Babysitters Club Series - I still read these! A few a year and I plan on completing my collection one day :hugs:


Throne of Glass.

I bought it this June. And I’ve read it at least 7 times since. I have two book series waiting for me to read them but nope, I always go back to those. Like omg. I am obsessed.

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When I was younger I used to love an author called Jacqueline Wilson, I had all her books (I have now donated them) but I used to love reading some of them just because they were pretty morbid. Unrealistic and morbid :joy:.

By unrealistic I mean the kids didn’t talk right


The “This Man” series :flushed: The main guy is an actual control freak who’s manipulative, the mc has no personality or back bone and the whole series is just of them fighting then having sex. But it’s a guilty pleasure because I also find the guy a hot alpha male and it’s like a soap opera lol. I’m an adult and I can handle reading these type of stories without being influenced by them and separating the reality from fiction, but yeah… I’m not proud of it lmao. :woman_shrugging:


I used to have loads of her books too! :joy:


I was so proud of myself :joy:


That’s easy
The being Jamie baker series
I have read it like every two to three months …plus the fact that not a lot of people know about the series…it is like my own personal comfort


Darren Shan’s Demonata series :smiley:

It’s edgy and weird and badly written at points with plot threads that go nowhere and characters that Shan seemingly winged in terms of development and characterisation. It’s hilarious, but god I love them


Guitar Notes by Mary Amato

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A book series about 2 sisters who get a fashion show.

It was so crazy. By crazy, I mean teen drama and new places every book.

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Most Jacqueline Wilson books include the MC having family issues and the MC wanting to run away from home :joy: Still loved her books though!


Lol the MC was always an unpopular book loving person with no friends or the friends she did have were terrible. Or their home life was terrible. Their siblings were terrible everything was just terrible all the time. Spoilers for books: My sister Jodie, love lessons, kiss, diamond girls and dustbin baby


My sister Jodie - the main character Pearl is really unpopular but her sister is popular. Her parents get a job at a bording school and suddenly the tables have turned Jodie is unpopular whereas Pearl is popular. Jodie ends up dying in an accident.

Love lessons - the MC and her sister have a really controlling father who only wants them home schooled he has a stroke so their Mum sends them to secondary school the MC falls in love with a teacher and he reciprocates

Kiss - the MC has a friend she’s in love with they go to different schools she makes friends with a popular girl and gradually becomes more popular turns out her best friend is gay and gets bullied

Diamond girls - MC is a sister of 4 they are all different and have different Dads they fall out alot that’s about it, the neighbors daughter is also being abused

Dustbin baby - April was put in a dustbin when she was born the book takes place on her 16th birthday and we follow her journey in and out of foster placements and carehomes

Don’t get me wrong I used to love those books but they gave me a very strange idea on what life was like.


I used to wish that I could read these too (I’ve only watched Dustin Baby and the trailer for My Sister Jodie’s book trailer) but their description sounds really similar to the JW books I’ve read:


Secrets - Treasure is abused by her step-dad (he hits her with his belt which gives her a big scar on her forehead). She lives with her nan for a bit. India also has issues with her dad (he wasn’t abusive but I think he had anger issues) and India also doesn’t fit in at school.

The Worst Thing About My Sister - Marty’s mum treats Melissa as the “better” daughter. Marty is different in comparison to the other characters because of her tomboyish style.

Double Act - The twins’ mum died and they live with their dad. They don’t get along with the dad’s new girlfriend and stuggle to fit in at school.

The idea that school was hard was accurate though!


Indeed it was even if the dialogue was a bit wrong obviously Jacqueline Wilson is alot older than the kids reading the novels so we talk differently.


Nancy Drew book series - both books and games (need to finish this one)

Hardy Boys Book series - books ( need to finish this one)

Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter - love this series since I was a kid and will keep on loving it. (I haven’t finished the last two sub-series that came from this series.)

Guardians of GA’Hoole by Kathryn Lasky - Another series I love to go back to. It’s about Owls and I love those birds. (Off by a like 2-3 books from finishing it.)

Vampire Academy - I like this series but I never got a chance to finish it.

Dragon by Julie Andrews(actress) and another author I can’t remember. It’s about a dog that helps find his master’s killer. Such a good story.

Stake that series - I really need to finish this series.

Morganville Vampires Series - love this series.

You know that series where it has the girls on the cover but when they look down in the water it’s them in a different time era? I can’t remember the name of it now.

Treehouse club books- I had quite alot these books. These were always cute and fun to read plus plotted out really well.

The Vampire Plagues Series - so good and yet so dark as well. Which is why I love it. It’s one of the few children’s series that didn’t shy away from death in it.

The Spiderwick Chronicles - I need to finish this series.

The Darkest Powers Series - Finished this entire series and I still love it. Actually bought a audio version of the first book to listen to.

I’m missing one but I will post it as soon as I remember it.


I’ve always been a huge fan of the Babysitters Club series. When I was a kid, I’d buy every single book that came out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep all of them, but I managed to find some at a used bookstore. One of my pet peeves is when people only mention the original four members (and sometimes Dawn). Like, Jessi, Mallory, and Abby were just as important as the others!
Other YA series that I love, but are much harder to find:
The Sleepover Friends, Girl Talk, Best Friends, and the Cupcake Diaries which is a new series, so I have many of the e-books.
And I really liked Sweet Valley Twins (the one where they were 12) but never liked Sweet Valley High or the university series.


I have like 10 girl talk books that i almost threw in the recycling today… maybe I will keep.


None of the books I love are guilty pleasures, tbh. I love them and I’m proud :sweat_smile:


there must be some book that you could read over and over . :thinking:

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Harry Potter for sure! But there’s nothing guilty about it :joy::sweat_smile: