Hamburger vs pizza

Which one will you choose or both. Will you choose hamburger or pizza?
Will you eat both?
None of it.
Take the poll hamburger vs pizza

  • Hamburger
  • Pizza
  • Both
  • None

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Moved to the food category and added some tags :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

And pizza is definitely better! :yum::green_heart::eyes::sparkles::pizza:


I like both but if I want to go out and eat, I’d pick a burger :hamburger: because that can fill me up more than a pizza. But when I do have pizza, I just have 2 slices and call it a day! :pizza:

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I actually eat 3 slice of pizza and and some times 2 hamburger during theme park.


Oof, I usually don’t like burgers unless they’re made at home on a grill, idk why

Both pizza and hamburger I would choose. ( but hamburger is my favorite over pizza. ) I’m a picky eater too.

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Pizza :pizza::drooling_face:


The only pizza I can stand is cheese and pepperoni although cheese is better.:grin:


How do you expect it to fill you up if you only have 2 slices? :frowning::joy:

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Pizza is the best food that exists :yum::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

I gotta go with Hamburger I hate pizza so much :eyes:

Crikey, you have a bigger appetite than I do haha

Hwy 55 restaurant is where my brother ate a triple hamburger but that was in South Carolina popular beach myrtle beach

It depends on the type of hamburger and the type of pizza. Some restaurants make awful pizza, while others make awful hamburgers, and vice-versa.

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Same! Like the schools California burger :nauseated_face:

Yes, I actually do. I remember at a theme park I ate about 4 big pizza slices.

At least tomorrow I going to go eat some hamburger :hamburger:.


Lol now you’re making me hungry. I think I might have a burger tomorrow! :yum:

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I still prefer pizza :pizza::eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

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I had big pizza that was extra large and spicy yesterday and Wednesday. Tonight is hamburger :hamburger: for dinner on my dad homemade grilled.

Pizza’s dead.