Hanabira Academy! [Official Thread]



Welcome To Hanabira Academy! An Academy for all students alike. Whether you are here for academic sorts- Say, Our prestigious clubs and full scholarships. Or the amazing careers you can achieve with just a year of attending our academy! Many students come here looking for a fresh start and often times find more than just success along the way friendships, trust, confidence, and most importantly- School Spirit! When you enter Hanabira you are guaranteed a better path down life. Brilliant teachers and staff will always be here to guide you through the school year. Welcome, To Hanabira!

NOTE: Roleplay created by - @ForeverAngel, @BlueInferno, and @GlitterFist!


This roleplay is based on your everyday Anime Highschool, Except with at-least a bit more realism. Not too far off though, This Academy and RP is set in Japan. Of course, it isn’t exactly limited to the school! We encourage having more going on within your character’s life- Granting somewhat of an open world. You don’t even have to be a student! Perhaps you’d like to be a teacher…Maybe even a parent with a loving family? Regardless of your choice, this roleplay will have many exciting feats and events for every character to enjoy!

Roleplay Rules!
  • No Mary Sue’s or Gary Stu’s it’s impossible.
  • Please be respectful of everyone in the role-play.
  • Anime Faceclaims ONLY!
  • PLEASE Be active! A post every 4 days is required, If you give an excused reason as to why you need more than 4 days please pm me. After a week of inactivity, you will receive a warning through pm. After 2 weeks your character(s) will be put up for adoption.
  • Relationships are allowed but sure it’s nothing too intimate, Make it minimal with a trigger warning, Anything too descriptive take it to PM.
  • Do not attempt to kill characters without permission from the owner of said character.
  • Please add location to your character’s name so it wont be confusing on where you were if you take some time off the rp.
School Rules!
  • Upon entering the school, you must find your locker, and change your shoes from your outdoor shoes to the classroom shoes stored inside. Vice versa upon leaving the school.

  • The classes are held in one classroom, each subject taught by different teachers that come to your homeroom. The only class outside of the same classroom is P.E.

  • There are three floors of classrooms. First floor for first years (10th graders), second floor for second years (11th graders), and third floor for third years (12th graders). The order of classmen are: Freshmen, juniors, and seniors. Sophomores do not exist since there are only three years.

  • Lunch can be eaten in the cafeteria, in the classroom, in the courtyard, or on the roof. Some students even eat on the staircases (so as long as they don’t block the passage).

  • You may start as the first, second, or third year as a student. But only at the beginning of the year. Meaning your character can’t be close to graduating.

  • Students are required to wear the school’s uniform. In this case, A white undershirt with a blazer colored black and white for the girls alongside a matching skirt or optional pants and stockings (A gold Hanabira badge must always be present on all uniforms), A neat black tie is also required for girls. For boys, the uniform is nearly the same for boys a white undershirt and black buttoned blazer, and black pants. Regarding P.E. uniforms, they are blue shorts for boys and girls with a white t-shirt. For the pool, girls wear a one-piece, dark blue bathing suit with their last name written on the front. Boys wear regular blue swim trunks (names are written on a tag inside).

  • If a student wishes to make a club in the RP that isn’t already made, they are required to speak with a teacher about being the representative for the club.

  • All students are required to prepare and attend the festivals and other events held by their school. For the times they are preparing for the festival, classes are canceled. All students compete in the athletic events for the athletic festival, though it does not matter what event they compete in.

  • School buses are not sent to pick up students. Students usually ride to school on the public bus (and passage on the public bus is free with I.D.), or with a parent, or they walk to school. Most students live close enough to the school to walk.

  • All physical ed. classes tend to be separated by gender, and year. Unless the student has a note from a doctor, all students participate in P.E. classes.

  • Class meetings are thirty minutes long at the most, and are basically about upcoming events (like the cultural festival) and can hold votes on what the class will do for the festival. Club activities also will vote on what they will do for the cultural festival, at meetings during the activity.

  • Near the end of the first semester will be the Mid-term exams (just before summer vacation). Classes are canceled for exams, and different exams are taken for an entire week of school. Near the middle of third semester will be final exams. Classes are canceled for the week of exams.

  • There are going to be five classes for each grade level. Each are determined by the year. The classes are Class 1A-1E (first year classes), 2A-2E (second year classes), and 3A-3E (third year classes).

  • Punishments for failing to bring in homework are determined by the teacher. Mostly, teachers will whap the student on the head with rolled-up pile of papers, but only once per student. Punishment for disrupting class is that the student must stand outside the classroom until the teacher decides the student learned his/her lesson.

  • Student check-ups are taken once a year as a check up on the student’s to make sure they are healthy. It will take place over the course of two days. They will most likely take place near the beginning of the second semester, a week after summer vacation ends. Classes are canceled on these days.

  • Since students do not leave their classrooms, and because their school lockers are big enough for their shoes and blazers/jackets, the students will keep their bags with them. For this school, students place their books in the desk, and hang their bags on the back of their chairs. There are hooks on them for students who use the briefcase bags.

  • The only teacher teaching multiple subjects is the science teacher. The science teacher is required to teach Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (since all of them are on different days). Other teachers are fine.

  • If a student gets sick over the school year, typically, the student calls the school, and tells their homeroom teacher they will be out with said illness. Either that or the parents call the school and inform the teacher.

  • There is a school yearbook, and it is like any other yearbook, but with only staff, student, and club pictures. There are no extra pictures.

  • Upon graduating, underclassmen are given a flower to give to a senior, and all underclassmen MUST give a flower to a senior. The flower will be a sakura blossom. This is only to happen on the day of graduation.

  • All classrooms have two representatives from the classroom. One of the representatives usually goes to the meetings held by the members of the student council to state many different things. They are also responsible for maintaining the class choice for the festivals, and for many other things the teachers assign to them. If both representatives happen to be absent, then the homeroom teacher designates a student to go to the meeting.

  • Classroom cleanups are assigned to different students on different days. They are often written on a list, and put in the classroom for the students to read. The class representative usually helps with making the list.

  • Freshmen orientation is on the day right before school starts. This gives clubs a chance to bring in more members and put on performances and show what they do.

School Clubs!

It is required to join a club!!! If there is a club you wish to join that is not listed, ask a teacher in the RP about making one, and I will add it to the list. (Also, if we haven’t added it in after it’s been made, please send one of us a PM to remind us.)

Astronomy - Leader Position Open
Cooking - Leader Position Open
Sewing - Leader Position Open
Archery - @phlegmatic
Kendo - Leader Position Open
Soccer - @Secreterz
Martial Arts - @ForeverAngel
Manga - Leader Position Open
Track - Leader Position Open
Softball - @angelic
Broadcasting - Leader Position Open
English - @Avocadorable
Mathematics - @OhSumana
Drama - @ForeverAngel
LGBT+ - @Ouijaloveletters

Daily Schedule!

08:30 - Japanese Language (kinda like American’s English)
09:20 - Math
10:10 - English (where you actually learn “english”; we’re pretending we’re speaking in Japanese in the RP)
11:00 - Biology
11:50 - Lunch/Cleaning
12:50 - Social Studies
01:40 - Home Economics
02:30 - Class Meeting/Cleaning
03:00 - After School Activities

08:30 - English
09:20 - Math
10:10 - Japanese Language
11:00 - Physical Ed.
11:50 - Lunch/Cleaning
12:50 - Chemistry
01:40 - Social Studies
02:30 - Class Meeting/Cleaning
03:00 - After School Activities

08:30 - Social Studies
09:20 - Geology
10:10 - English
11:00 - Physical Ed.
11:50 - Lunch/Cleaning
12:50 - Home Economics
01:40 - Art
02:30 - Class Meeting/Cleaning
03:00 - After School Activities

08:30 - Math
09:20 - Japanese Language
10:10 - Home Economics
11:00 - Social Studies
11:50 - Lunch/Cleaning
12:50 - Physics
01:40 - Physical Ed.
02:30 - Class Meeting/Cleaning
03:00 - After School Activities

08:30 - English
09:20 - Math
10:10 - Japanese Language
11:00 - Physical Ed.
11:50 - Lunch/Cleaning
12:50 - Home Economics
01:40 - Art
02:30 - Class Meeting/Cleaning
03:00 - After School Activities


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Uniform Photos!


School’s start-up is in April (RP Time)

If you have any questions regarding any information here, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Limited Reserves:

Student Council Members [4/5]: @Secreterz @Avocadorable @BlackBlood @angelic

School Club Leader: (Go To School Clubs Tab To See Available Positions!)

These are first come first serve, Once these are filled your character can be a student or any other role they want.



NPC/INTRODUCTION POST: :cherry_blossom:


A bright and sunny day falls upon the sparkling halls of Hanabira Academy, A new school year has started and students new and old are ambushing their peers or rushing to submit a late gift for their former Sensei. Regardless, Welcome back students! We hope this new year starts off with a cheerful tone and academic prowess! Your Headmistress, Tina Inugami will welcome all students during the Entrance Ceremony.

NOTE: Please turn to the events/calendar for the time, With every school event it will be announced in the planning pm!**

Weather: Bright and Sunny, The cherry blossoms are in full bloom aside from a bit of wet areas due to former rainy weather last night. :sun_behind_rain_cloud:

Entrance Synopsis: :school:

Your character must be on heading towards or already on school property, When the entrance ceremony begins alongside class a notification for all students will be posted. But as of now, Students are encouraged to converse and greet their former peers and staff if already returning or fuel new friendships with the new first years that have arrived this school year. Make sure to stay realistic to the storyline and enjoy the starting day with your characters!



Tsukiko :cherry_blossom: Shirai

As Tsukiko walked to school, the morning’s overcast drizzle slowly melted away into warm sunshine. It made her a little less anxious about this new school year. Maybe this would be her year after all? The year where she’d prove that she was worthy of her position to everyone… Including herself.

The previous president had been a good friend, and a trusted mentor. In a way, he was practically an idol to her; Tsukiko could see in him all of the strength and wisdom and leadership she’d always wanted to see in herself. But tomorrow would mark a year since the day that he and his family had vanished, leaving Tsukiko to take his place. Officially, they had simply moved away on short notice. The police had determined so, and most people agreed with them. But there were rumors, of course, and they were nasty. People had been so eager to think up all sorts of terrible ways that he could have… People really could be disgusting sometimes. Tsukiko tried to ignore the rumors, but she had known him too well to accept that he’d really just left. The person she knew wouldn’t have left her without another word to take on all of this responsibility. She just couldn’t believe that he would do something like that… Then again, maybe it was all in her head. Maybe it was all that nagging voice in the back of her mind tellling her that she didn’t deserve any of the things she’d earned.

This year, she wouldn’t listen to that voice. She would prove it wrong. She’d silence it forever. This was the year when she would stop being a scared little girl and be a leader.

…Ugh, it’s too early for an identity crisis. Tsukiko thought, rubbing away the migraine she’d given herself. She hadn’t even had any breakfast yet. At least save the self doubt until you get to school.

Tsukiko looked around herself as she got closer to the school, looking for something to take her mind off of her stupid little problems. She smiled as she caught sight of a familiar tuft of perfectly tousled black hair (that totally hadn’t taken hours to style) ahead of her. She raced to catch up with the boy.

“Ohayo, Kazejima.” She said, greeting her childhood friend with a small bow.




Location: Hanabira Academy Indoor Area.

Anastasia happily walked down the sidewalk of the street with her pink-studded cellphone in hand and her schoolbag securely strapped on her shoulder, of course, equipped with two cute little fur chains dangling from the bag. Clicking through one of the thousands of phone contacts majority were friends and family or a few modeling agencies and her agent…not to mention the one or two super stalker fans she gained from last collection’s showcase. Tucking her blonde tresses behind her ear she soon approached the school grounds and beamed from head to toe- A fresh school year, Ana was finally a second year and boy did she have a summer plan for how everything was going to work out. If her schedule let her of course.

She spent her last break doing what she knows best- Modeling and various interviews and stardish magazine covers. More traction means more fans and more gigs. Despite her recently lavish lifestyle she always made sure to keep her humble nature…Visiting her old community always brought back a sense of warmth and grounding. Switching from living in a tiny cottage to a large modern house with her family was the biggest change Ana could receive. Looking up at the sign proudly read, HANABIRA ACADEMY The most prestigious academy in Japan for youth like herself. As soon as she entered the students’ viewpoint people began to roar as usual.

“Ana! Ana! How was your last interview!?” One student said, “Is it true you aren’t a real blonde?” Another commented. To which Ana rolled her eyes. No matter how popular you are rude comments will forever surface. She was excited about the clubs and new seatings…but admittedly work? Any work, Any class was a doomsday for Ana. She wasn’t necessarily failing but never over-achieving each other heck she’d be surprised if she scored higher than an 84 in her new classes. But maybe a tutor this year could change that. Skipping into the building she quickly changed from her outdoor shoes to her inside shoes.


giphy (2)


Aki walked to school, the damp smell of the rain from the night before still hanging in the air. She liked that smell, the smell of the dampness and decay. She fiddled with the small scalpel in her hands, staring straight ahead. She soon reached Hanabira academy, walking inside with a sigh. She exchanged her outside shoes for indoor ones, going to the anatomy classroom This was going to be a long year, but anatomy always helped her get through it.


Location: Hanabira Academy Indoor Area.

With the sun rising, the somewhat cold temperature from yesterday’s weather, and the fragrance of her perfume in tact, Yozuna felt that it was too early to actually walk from school and decided to quickly buy some snacks and stuff them in the bag for safekeeping. As she walked near the pavements of the school, she was quite excited for this year since she bought numerous clothes and accessories as she is proudly walking with her two-toned cardigan and newly manicured nails. Imagine, a year where she could attract more people into following her as she sets a new goal to reach a milestone to her follower count and can model into prestigious magazines.

As she finally arrived in the front gates of Hanabira, she took a picture of her wildly decorated book bag near the cherry blossom and planned to post it later in the afternoon or night. As she walked closer to the gate, she felt a chill, whether it be excitement or nervousness, she was determined to make this her year. But, with a thought in her mind, she was a little sad that none of her old group stayed for the second year. Missing the times of her sharing stories, accessories, and hanging out in the school plaza, she thinks back of a promise that they will hang out to shop again in Shibuya.

As she entered the school premises, she noticed a wave of people look at her; wheter it be of adoration or spite, those gaze on her was enough to brighten her day and go on in the school with confidence. Going to her assigned locker, she changes into her indoor shoes and looks around the environment after. She noticed a familiar face with locks of golden hair as she looked to her sides, someone who she saw in the magazines and commercials. Could it be?, she tapped the shoulder of hers and gave a friendly wave and a small nod, “Yohayo~ Are you, like, that girl on the magazine and stuff? Just asking, my memory is a bit of a clutz; especially in the morning. Cause you know, I totally inspire to be like that! But anyways, I don’t know if you know me and stuff, but like, the name’s Tsuyasaki Yozuna! But, I’m normally not a formal girl so like you can call me Yozuna-chan or anything.” Yozuna cheered as she played with her hair.

@ForeverAngel || Anastasia


A new year. Another new and fresh beginning in Japan. Chanyeol was glad that he had left the complications and unpleasant predicaments behind in a different country, last year. Even, he would even go as far as to admit that his relationship with his mother was improving, though she still had not clarified what made her leave so suddenly and without any explanation. However, he easily had gotten used to the ambiance of Hanabira Academy. To be honest, the adaptation became easier when he found a friend / band mate here. Hayato. Surely, he seemed a little grumpy but chanyeol knew he was a softie.

His Mercedes-Benz S-Class arrived at the school gates and the driver held the car door open allowing him to get out of the car. As Chanyeol stepped into the school premises in his charming and confident gait, he felt the eyes on him as usual. Chanyeol came to Japan to escape the scandal, but he had always enjoyed the spotlight. Running his hand through his brown hairs, he led his 1.85 m stature inside, scanning familiar and unfamiliar faces on his either sides, looking for Hayato or any of his friends. He would rather not ruin someone’s first day in school by playing any of his pranks.


Hayato (@ForeverAngel) - mentioned



Location: Anatomy Classroom

“Alright, auntie! I’ll call you tonight!” she waved at her aunt, Isabella, and saw her car drive back. “Huff… so another year of Hanabira, eh?” she sighed and walked through the grand school gates.

Ezumi could see the students chattering, laughing, or just exploring the school. “Now, who should I talk to? Most of the students are busy…” she looked around in search of someone to talk to. She gets bored very easily.

She soon sees a familiar face with dark hair and glasses. “Yes! There she is!” she ran behind Aki who was heading to the anatomy classroom. Typical of her. “Aki!!” she jumped on her and gave her a bear hug. “Ahhh, I missed you soooo much!”

@Ouijaloveletters ~ AHHHH SENPAIII :heart_eyes:


//School outside gate//
I opened my eyes as my phone’s alarm went off. I noticed I had fallen asleep in the window again. Considering how often this happens, I start to wonder why I have a bed in the first place. I start the coffee maker and filled a cup with powdered milk and sugar when I hear meowing. Since about 2 weeks ago, a little street kitten had made her way into my house through one of my windows and now I always leave it open for it to come and go. while yawning, I walked to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cat food and some water for it before making my own lunch and use the leftovers as my breakfast.

After that I fresh up and change into my school uniform. Before this, I was in a sleepy state but after that, I started to wake up. While drinking my coffee before I had to leave, I also watered the 20 plants in my small apartment and grabbed my back.

As I was about to leave, I heard the soft meowing again. “Bye Ami, be a good girl okay?” I said smiling before putting on my shoes and leaving for school.

It’s about a 20 minutes walk to my school and when the school came into view, my phone started ringing. mother was all it said on the screen. “Good morning Hinata!” Mother said cheerfully. “So how is school going?” she asked as well, not even giving me room to answer before moving to the next question. “How are things with you and Itsuki?” She asked and I stopped. “Uhm…it…well” I started and I heard my mother sigh. “Honestly child, I ask one simple thing from you, try to get along with her and make some other friends, it’s not that hard,” She said sternly and I grabbed my skirt nervously. “I know…but…I-” I started. “I don’t want to hear it unless you’re telling me that you’re doing what you’re told,” She said.
@phlegmatic - let me know if you need something to be different.

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Location: Hanabira Academy Entrance.

Hayato stepped out of the crimson red 2021 Honda Insight to which of course he purchased early on before the initial release, Inhaling the sweet scents of the sakura blossoms alongside whatever mixture of perfume people were wearing he sighed slightly annoyed already by the soon pile of “fans” that would barricade him in the corner for an autograph, photo or something of that sort. He walked casually down the school ground’s rocky path leashed with expensive stones and material- Despite hating too much attention he did enjoy Hanabira Academy. The academic education here was amazing and the students weren’t that bad. He’d never admit that out loud though. He made sure to wave back to his driver momentarily grateful for the same routine…And regretfully text his agent that he had arrived at the school. His agent was a hardworking man but a bit over-bearing he always had Hayato over-booked or promising fans deals Hayato never signed nor agreed on.

Regardless, He’d do anything for E4XO. So he dealt with those circumstances. Speed-walking a bit faster to avoid more gaggles of students rushing up to him he looked around until out the corner of his eye he saw Chanyeol, One of his good friends and Leader of E4XO-K. E4XO’S Korean Sector, Whilst Hayato was the leader of E4XO-J. He was honestly shocked when he learned Chanyeol was transferring all the way from Korea to Japan, But he was secretly more than happy to have a familiar face to converse with- Especially with the academic pressure and rally of adoring fans hounding him every time he steps foot on the school’s pavement.

“Well. If it isn’t E4XO-K’s shining star, Ohayo Chanyeol-San.” Hayato stated in a semi-sarcastic tone but his usual gruff expression softened once he talked to Chanyeol. Carrying his school bag he walked alongside Chanyeol and promptly showed him the E4XO Pamphlet he picked up this morning.

@OhSumana - Chanyeol




Location: Hanabira Academy Indoor Area.

Whilst quickly putting her school bag in the locker she hastily took out some stickers and began sticking them all over her new locker, Of course using the bright and glittery ones the most. After she finished she happily snapped a photo for her feed and edited a quick and cheery caption before closing the locker and making sure it was securely protected. Not long after she heard a female voice alongside a gentle tap on her shoulder- Whipping around she saw a perky girl with colorful accessories and even more rainbow-like clothing mixed with the typical uniform- Her hair was stricken with just as many clips and bows despite it’s base of blonde and pink. Ana wanted to squeal inside. She never sees many expressive people, Or at-least aside from herself. “Ohayo! Yes, That’s me!” Anastasia stated in an enlighted tone.

Not surprised to be recognized for her career she listened intently to the girl as she gushed over Ana a bit and introduced herself to which earned a happy chuckle from Anastasia. “Nice to meet you, Yozuna-Chan! I do model and I was in the Blue Fragrance magazine last week.” Anastasia added. It was some perfume magazine that required her to sit in a still position holding the perfume bottle for 2.5 hours. ugh. Leaning closer to the new girl she had met she whispered. “You didn’t hear it from me- But the perfume scent is bluberry-lavender.” Ana winked, Giving her a tip since the perfume hadn’t released in stores yet.

“So! Did you just arrive here!? Oo Oo! What are you’re classes!? Are you a second year as well?” Ana flooded the girl with questions with a wide grin as she held her pink work-book to her chest and happily awaited her answer.

@Secreterz - Yozuna



:newspaper_roll: Kazejima Mitsuruki :newspaper_roll:

It wasn’t hard to look inconspicuous as Tsukiko approached the main entrance. There were hundreds of students returning; he’d be easily lost in the crowd. At most, others would think that he was just lost in his thoughts. Then, there was Tsukiko, the shining protagonist among all these background characters. If the school were the castle, she’d be the lovely princess to rescue…no; she wouldn’t be that. Kazejima pulled out a pen and began scratching sentences into his notebook. It was more offensive to make her play the part of the captured princess, Tsukiko was brave and would easily fight off the metaphorical dragons. She had to be a warrior then, setting the school on fire all around her. He could picture that, her steps in slow motion as explosions went off behind her.

It turned out she was, in fact, heading his way. He hurred to rushing his notes away, going with the flow of the swarming students to make it seem like he was another of those lost souls for the start of the school year.

“Ohayo, Tsukiko-senpai,” he laughed, “the summer was far too short, don’t you think? Say, why don’t you pass a rule that gives all the students summer all year? Everyone would love that.” Something small for started, light banter. It was the first day; there wouldn’t be anything student council to really talk about until the first week’s meeting.



Tsukiko :cherry_blossom: Shirai

Tsukiko giggled and put a finger to her chin thoughtfully. “Oh, but if we never came back to school, we would never get to read your newspaper again. No more fascinating articles or info on tomorrow’s lunch menu? I don’t think we could survive.” She teased.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve seen you all summer.” Tsukiko realized as she thought to herself. “Were you on the run from the police or something? Living an exciting double life in… I don’t know, Romainia?” She asked jokingly. “Or have you just gotten tired of me?”



:newspaper_roll: Kazejima Mitsuruki :newspaper_roll:

“I’m convinced most students only read the papers for the gossip columns anyways. A waste of material to write about school trips, events, and sporting results.” He smiled, glancing at her, “But thanks, for having faith. It’s the last year, I hope it’s not much to keep The Quill going.” Not that he’d ever grown tired about displaying all of Tsukiko’s achievements. Too bad the article has a page limit or he’d be spamming praises all over the place.

“You’ll never believe this,” he continued, switching to an excited pace, “but I got recruited to this secret spy club and we spent the summers taking out South American dictators. Yeah, sorry to disappoint this fantasy of Romania, but I hear it’s a nice place.” In contrast, it’s was more like Tsukiko just never saw him the whole summer. He practically knew where she was the entire time through all sorts of conveniently hidden locations. The summers were amazing for finishing up his story, watching the protagonist interact in the open all by herself.

By all means, that whole arc was over. Now he’d see what would happen over the school year. “Writing camp,” he added, “my parents sent me to this three-week long course in Europe. I bet they just wanted to get rid of me, but I learned plenty of fundamentals for creative pieces. How about you? I imagine nothing local because of how never saw you.”



Chanyeol clicked his tongue and glanced at his wrist-watch, as he was in a haste to get inside the school building. I could swear that I noticed a couple of camera flashes there at the gates. - he thought. Last year, at this time, both Korean and Japanese netizens went crazy when he moved here to take admission in Hanabira. The matter did cool down in this country but he would rather not risk anything, especially when it could affect his career.

“Well. If it isn’t E4XO-K’s shining star, Ohayo Chanyeol-San.” Chanyeol heard Hayato’s semi-sarcastic tone and swung around, pivoting his heels. His expressions beamed up with a smile. He waited for Hayato to walk up to him and when he arrived, he greeted him with a, “Konnichiwa” as he ambled alongside him. He rubbed the nape of his neck,smiling to himself.

Chanyeol glanced at the pamphlet, and his eyes widened in their sockets. “If they didn’t pay me that much, I’d go as far as to reveal that I honestly hate the manager!” he exclaimed, “Oh my Lord! We have assignments, exams ahead of us and fan meetings? Are we puppets or something?” , he added.

@ForeverAngel - Hayato


Location: Hanabira Academy Indoor Area.

As Anastasia was in glee to meet her, a rare case as her looks and boldness had been an intimidation others, Yozuna was also as giddy but remained a cool and composed attitude. With Anastasia coming near to whisper, giving a signal of a secret, she winked back and had a small giggle, “That is totally so cool to me! Coincidence, since I also modeled like last week. A small fashion magazine, whatever, but like you know. Also, that perfume is like gonna be great! I’ll keep an eye since I have a friend who will totally love that scent, since I’m more of a fruity candy floral gal.”

Within a second of her response, Yozuna was bombarded with questions, something that brings back Yozuna to an early memory of her approaching to her idols and becoming friends with them along the way, she gladly answers in her questions as Ana waits, “Yeah, I came in a little early in waking cause like I was worried about my hair, my clothes, what cardigan I’ll rock, what accessories I’ll wear, my- The hair! Oh my gosh, I like teased and styled it in so many ways. But I think it looks cute, don’t ya think? But like if you’re a second year, then we have like the same classes, I think! We might be classmates, who knows, that’ll be like so cool!”

With some of the questions answered, she looked once in her surrounding that they were still standing near the shoe lockers. She came close to Ana and whispered, “We should like totally have a change of location Cause like, shoe locker and I totally feel like peeps are starting to stare and stuff.” She shifted back as she grabbed her heavily decorated book bag, opining to reveal a lollipop as a piece of gift to her. “A token of my friendship!” Yozuna added, “And also, this bag was such a lucky catch! Cuz like, me and my girls were like shopping in Shibuya 109; like usual. And to my eyes, there was this pink book bag which were like fifty percent off! While the others were debating to who will get that, I did my ninja skills and bought it… We agreed that the book bag be switched every week, cause like this bag was so cute!”

@ForeverAngel || Anastasia


Aki was headed to the anatomy classroom when she heard a familiar voice yell her name, a force being applied to her back, nearly knocking her into the floor, luckily she steadied herself. “Ahhh, I missed you so much!” Ezumi Cantrell chirped, causing Aki to smile ever so slightly. Through the time they’d known each other, Ezumi’s sheer air headedness had started to grow on Aki and her happy nature brightened her day a little. “Hello Ezumi. Can you get off my back, please? I can’t breathe.” She wheezed, considering Ezumi had her arms firmly clamped around Aki’s throat.
@Avocadorable - Ezumi



Location: Somewhere in Hanabira (?)

Yue was very eager to go back to school. 3 whole months of summer vacation was not exactly her cup of tea. Of course, she had reached Hanabira very early. At probably 7 or 8. Not many were there. A few teachers entering and exiting different rooms, discussing something, preparing for the entrance ceremony.

“Ohayo, kocho! I hope everything’s going well!” she greeted her headmistress with a bright smile.
“Ohayo, Yue. And everything’s fine. You’re quite early.”
“Hehe, yeah. I was too excited, I couldn’t wait!” she exclaimed, trying to imitate a really cute and innocent girl.
“Hm… I’m a bit busy right now, but it was nice seeing you,”
“I’ll not disturb you then,” Yue flashed a smile and skipped away.

She ran towards the school Plaza. The hangout spot for all the students. “I could take a nap right now… I mean, it is pretty early. Hm, but what if I miss the entrance ceremony? I probably won’t though… It’s gonna be fine, it’s just for a few minutes…” she mumbled to herself and decided to take a short nap on one of the benches.

“Mm… what time is it?” she woke up to the voices of people. Golden rays falling on her delicate skin. “Oh no! Did I miss the ceremony?! Shxt! Shxt! I gotta go right now!” she started panicking and ran to the school grounds. “Huff… heh… I didn’t oversleep, I guess…” she sighed a heave of relief and looked around to see the crowds forming.

Yue caught her ‘friend’ Chan nearby and went to talk to him. “Konnichiwa, Chan!” she beamed at him. She noticed another guy standing beside him, “Oh, hi,” she said in an uninterested tone.

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Location: Anatomy Classroom

“Alright, alright, anything for you!” she let go of Aki who was apparently suffocated by Ezumi’s hug. “Aww, you’re so short and cute!” she made a cute face at her and pat her head. “I’m so happy you remember me!! And you also smiled at me. AHHHHH!” she was fangirling hard right now.

The people in the hallways made a weird face at her, “Hey! Mind your own business, alright?! My senpai remembers my name!” she yelled at those students and looked back at Aki.

“Anyway… what did you do in your vacation?”

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Tsukiko :cherry_blossom: Shirai

“You know, Kaz, I always read every word whenever a new edition is printed.” Tsukiko confessed to him, using her old nickname for him. “I know how hard you work on the Quill. Some people might not care about that, but I do. To me, not reading the whole thing is like cutting up a custom DiVinci and only keeping a little piece of it. You’re such a good writer. If I were allowed to have opinions on the students, I’d be so mad that your work is ignored.” After a moment, she giggled. “It’s also just fun to have a tiny Kazejima in my pocket. Did you know that you write exactly how you talk? I can hear your voice every time I read it.”

She laughed at Kazejima’s effortless comeback. She didn’t know why she even tried to keep up with him. He was the King of Snark, and all efforts to take his crown would be crushed under his dryly sarcastic boot. How could he even come up with this stuff so fast? Must have been his writer’s brain.

“Oh, I didn’t really do anything over the summer, except for the Break Assignments.” She admitted. After hearing about his Writing Camp in Europe and all the fun Reira had had over her month-long internship at Saikou Headquarters, she was starting to regret her mostly lazy summer. “I was a little lonely, I guess, with Reira off in Seoul. You’re the only school friend that I ever talk to outside of classes. But I did get to spend a lot of time practicing my Kendo, so it was fun, all in all.”

She was quiet for a second, taking in the pleasant weather, before turning back to her friend. “When were you off in Europe?” She asked.