HAPPY TAURUS SEASON (tropical astrology)

(lets pretend its the 20th okay)
you know wha da means
iss time fo a few fax

In tropical astrology, taurus is the fixed sign of spring represented by the bull. What does this mean? Fixed signs are the middle of a season, aka the center of it, aka the essence. Taurus’ season is spring time so they are the epitome of life. The abundant spring is beautiful, Taurus are lively, and in tune with the sensory aspect of things. This is because they correlate with the second house of possesions and wealth. Therefore these people are materialistic gluttons, however beautiful. See, taurus is ruled by the planet of venus (beauty/love) so people with this rising (appearance/personality) placement among other planets are quite breathtaking. Megan Fox and Gigi Hadid are both taureans, for example. Along with venus being a planet of beauty, it is also of love. These people love alot, and hard, naturally. Usually, they don’t ever stop loving. These are fixed signs, they keep the season going steady with persistence. These people are very stubborn.

Taurus moon - exaltation in taurus.
The moon is exalted in the sign of taurus, meaning that the highest point in the sky for venus is within the 30 degrees of the earthling sky dedicated to taurus. This means that this placement is extremely advantageous to have. You may ask, why? And that is because the moon in astrology refers to the process of one’s internal conflict. And as you know now, taurus is a slow, sensual sign. This means that they not only allow but encourage themselves to really feel their surroundings and more importantly their own internal process. Taurus is slow and patient, as well as ruled by venus; a positive planet that finds light in darkness. People with this sign are detail oriented, patient, optimistic, but most of all, secure. That is the energy on the days where the moon is in taurus. Calm earth.

Taurus venus - planet native to taurus. (VENUS IN TAURUS RIGHT NOW!!)
Venus is the planet that rules over the signs of taurus and libra because of it’s properties of love and beauty. In astrology, the planet of Venus manifests as the way in which individuals romanticize their relationships and love other people. Taurus is a home sign for venus, so to people with Venus in taurus, love comes naturally. When venus is in taurus in the sky it is usually a romantic time with lots of flirting and picturing people in a warm-toned, flattering lighting that we perhaps couldn’t see before. Taurus is an earth sign, so their love tends to be more of the mature kind. Their second house correlation, however, may be the explanation of some possesiveness present in people with this placement. When venus is in taurus this may also be felt. It may involve seriously thinking of someone or even something as truly yours. This love is vibrant like spring, and in the fixed sign it persists. Once a taurus Venus falls, they never get up. Depending on the other planets and the way things occur, Taurus venus may mean natural love and therefore generosity, or a bit of possession and greed. I think with venus though, the good outweighs the bad, ad love always wins. It’s a pleasant placement.

Lmaoooo i have venus in taurus and i got so passionate talking about the planet of love, could y’all tell?

@AstrologyStudents yall might like this

how to get your chart

go to astro.com
open the little “free horoscopes” tab thing
click “Extended Chart Selection”
Input your birth information

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… why
I don’t think you’re a Taurus
Unless you are and you just haven’t added a birthday to your account-

taurus venus/moon
im a cancer sun

we all have multiple planets that were in different signs when we were born!

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oh… I see
I’m a Leo
and a moon Gemini I think
that’s all I know~

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Moon Gemini
Mercury Leo
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Mars Gemini
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Not the Gemini marsssss
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Cancer. Its right there boo.
… I have no idea what the Gemini in Mars does but okay

I have no Taurus in my natal chart, ooops
I mean only in Lilith but idk what that means

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