Hard Truths for readers

Since we have a thread called hard truths for authors, I think we should do one for readers because remember…not all authors are entitled and arrogant. There are readers that can be awfully too much. Feel free to write your own Dear Readers comment in this thread, it can be related to Episode, Wattpad or in general. I’ll start off with mine:

Dear Readers,

Writing a novel is not a walk in the park as it will take a lot of time in doing a lot of research, planning and writing. Just remember, your favourite video game or film would take like 3-9 years to be produced, you can’t expect everyone to get it done in a day or a week…doesn’t work like that. When it comes to writing an Episode story, it will definitely take a lot of time because of coding, scripting and directing; this includes advance directing. The more time authors take into writing their story, it will all be worth the wait…so please be patient.

Plus we all have lives, we are not robots.

Yours Sincerely,

Thorn Of Rage


Hey readers,

I know you probably didn’t find that one book yet. The book that made you feel as though everything in the world was good, and made you feel despair when it ended. To be fair not everyone found their book when they first start reading so don’t be discouraged. Just because the first book you read wasn’t the one for you doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there. Don’t stop reading just because you wasn’t interested. Keep looking, keep reading ‘cause once you found that book you’ll realize how lucky you were.


Dear readers,

Don’t let anyone shame you for your reading choices! The choice to read too much, the choice the read too little, the choice to read fiction, the choice to read non-fiction, the choice to read something old, the choice to read something new or the choice the not even read at all.

It should always be down to you, not anybody else.


The hardest true I’ve ever heard… A book series doesn’t last forever.


Dear Readers,
You are some of the most entitled people I have ever meet. Though my story would be nothing without you, you make me want to quit writing all to getter sometimes. I work day and night for free, to bring you story I am proud of. And all you bee do is complain, about anything and everything. Please take a moment to consider how I feel, when instead of getting feedback I’m getting people nagging at me to add cc again because they messed up.


Dear Readers,
Writers don’t always feel like writing. Maybe if we had a deadline and had to write because we were getting paid to do so, we’d have to write something because we’d lose our jobs if we didn’t, but those of us who write as a hobby sometimes lose our motivation to write. Sometimes personal stuff prevents us from writing. Or sometimes we have a bunch of ideas that we can’t organize. Please be patient with us.


Dear Readers,

I know that Readers are humans too. You have a free will and the right to put a book down that you don’t enjoy. I get it, it can be hard and you might feel an urge to contact the author about your dislikes. I mean, who doesn’t want your criticism?

Moving on, below are some options for Readers who are struggling with putting books down:

Option 1: Drown it.
Option 2: Burn it.
Option 3: Freeze it.
Option 4: Bury it.
Option 5: Throw it on the author’s head (this could be difficult depending on your distance to the author, but a very satisfying option.
Option 6: All of the above. Just make sure to do the burning one last!


Does anyone have any more hard truths to add? :eyes::sparkles:
How did you feel to you as a reader to be confronted with these hard truths? :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

Dear readers,

Don’t praise me for adding people from all different backgrounds into my book. I am not adding diversity to get brownie points, the characters I come up with are based on people that I know. Don’t give me that “OMG so much diversity!” because I find that very off-putting and that is not crucial as the plot of the story itself. Yeah, I get that racism is going to be included in the story because it is part of the plot, don’t come at me if the love interest of the story isn’t them typical bad boys you love to fawn over because as an aspiring writer myself, I don’t want to write anything that would trigger me so please…cut me some slack!

Peace out! :v: