Has someone ever trolled you or stolen your work? - The law is on your side

Has someone ever stolen something you did or make a troll post about you? Want to know how to remove it using the copyright law?

Usually reporting normally does nothing. Instagram will often ghost you.

Remember that your work or even your Instagram name is your brand and copyright so you CAN remove posts using the legal route. Let me show you how.

When reporting copyright infringement, always follow this template:

  • Offending post (Links or screen shots to the place where someone is infringing).

  • Examples of your work (Links or screenshots to your work. If someone is trolling, a link to your Instagram and a couple of posts showing your Instagram name is enough)

  • An explanation on how the offending person is stealing your work (If the troll is using your name, that counts as infringement and you can claim that it damages your brand).

Instagram and other social media platforms have special link to report copyright. Just click it and follow the instructions. For Instagram, use a pen name for your brand when reporting as this will be shown to the offending party. Don’t put your address or number.

And there you go. It’s that easy! Share with your fellow creators so they know too.


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No one has ever trolled me stolen my work since I don’t post anything of that sort but this is really informative. Thank you!

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Tbh I don’t really make posts and updates about the novel I’m currently working on Instagram because some people would try to steal my story ideas. Especially when there are a lot of trolls out there that would start mocking you over your looks, it’s absolutely disgusting! But I do have the link to my poetry blog on my profile if anyone is ever interested in reading my poems.