Have you ever been in a Group RP?

Some people prefer to only rp 1x1, while others only rp in a group.

Being in a group can be scary since more people are able to read your post and sometimes there are people you’re not able to RP with as well as with others.
But you can also learn a lot from a group vs a 1x1 since you’re forced to experience other people’s writing and mindset. Just like in solo writng, when you’re in an 1x1 at some points you can predict what the other will do when you have played with each other for a long time. By playing with others, you’re suddenly introduced to people who might react totally different from what you expect and then the story takes a unique and interesting turn for you both.


  • Have you ever been in a group rp?
  • Do you like RPing in a group?
  • What is your preferred size?
  • if you have played both 1x1 how is it different?

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Yes, I was in a 4-person RP in a PM back on EF and I guess you’d say that the prompt RP is a group one?

Uhh, like FTD and stuff?
Then yes.


I don’t know

I’ve not but I want to!!

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I haven’t been in a group RP but I do consider an RP where you can’t sign up anymore after the due date a group. My RP (which is currently… hehe idk) should have a small amount of people only, so it’s a group RP.