Have you ever been on a date?

Have you been on a date? What was it like? Did the person turn out to be someone else? Have you ever been catfished? Would you ever go on a date again?

If you’ve ever been on one, would you do it again? Why or why not? (Discuss it as if there isn’t covid right now lol.)


In person? Nope, nada, nuh uh.


Nuh uh

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nope cuz no one would ever ask me out

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We went to the park and just walked around talking, eventually we got some food from like burger king or something, tried to keep it as casual as possible.



How else do you start a relationship?

I think dates are a great way to get to know someone, friends or otherwise.

Many other ways.

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:eyes: T’is true.
You should answer the questions too.

No but I’ve also only liked a singular person in my life so like-

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Ohhhh meee?? Why do you say that? Lol.

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You asked people to share their experiences. It’s only fair you share yours. It also seems like you have knowledge about relationship things.

Fair enough, then.


Pfft. Things went down I suppose.

No not at all, it was a date with someone in my town I already knew.



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Yes, all the time. I and my boy oreo love going out, sometimes we walk for hours upon hours. Sadly, the part I hate the most is when he takes a big dump in front of some stranger lawn. This why I always carry bags and gloves whenever we go out. What really makes the date tho, is the burger we get at the store, but Oreo loves eating the snacks I bring from home. :see_no_evil:



Some were good, some were trashy, and some were just- wtf is happening.

Nah, I only went on dates with my (now ex) boyfriends.

Lol, no.

Yeah, they’re fun.

I’m too awkward for dates. I prefer relationship build-ups over them :sweat_smile:


Yes! I’ve been on a few, but since my memory sucks I can only remember 2.

One time I expressed how I really enjoy drinking plain white milk, but he didn’t like it. Eventually he invited me over and we shared a glass of milk together, and stayed in all day to watch movies.
The second was when I was having a sit-down meal at a Vietnamese Pho restaurant.

This depends on the kind of person. I can be really awkward, so I don’t see myself going on a date any time soon. I also don’t really want to focus on potentially getting romantic with anyone so probably not. Friend dates? sure

so romantic

No and bare in mind all my relationship’s are ones I would consider long lol
Well technically my first “relationship” had a date but I don’t really count it tbh :grimacing:

Anxiety :smiley:

No, well yes
But also the fact that for that “date” I mentioned my Dad was really weird about me going so after that I didn’t feel comfortable meeting anyone outside of school

I’d love to go on a date now though, well maybe not right now but at this point in my life yes

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