Have you ever been to a book signing or met an author?

We often have book fairs in our capital city and I remember when I was younger I’d always go just so I could see one of our more popular writers. I was obsessed with him because he was also a really famous musician and I wanted to buy his new books, get them signed and take a few pictures hahah

  • Have you ever been to a book signing or met an author?

I haven’t been to the book signing of any famous authors or anything but I’ve been in waterstones when a small author came in to do a signing, I felt a bit bad for her because not many people came and I wasn’t even there to see her :sweat_smile: but she gave me a free bookmark and we bought her book.

However, in high school set 1 (the set above me so like the geniuses) were taken to a book signing with Cassandra Clare I believe, there was a few jealous people because nobody other than set one was given the opportunity and it was like they’d been treated just for being smort :joy:

I have a signed first edition of magus chase book by Rick riodan.

I haven’t been to any boom signings.

I have! It was a Q&A for a book that I read for a class (I actually really liked the book) where the teacher gave extra credit for attending. I unfortunately didn’t bring the book that I wanted signed by the authors… but I got some other books that the author signed while I was there

Yes, to Paullina Simons’ one.

I once met Kwame Mbalia (Tristan Strong punches a Hole in the Sky)

I’ve never been to a book signing because those hardly ever happen here :sweat_smile: But I’ve met a few author, most of the time without knowing that they are an author until later :joy:

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My mum reminded me that I’ve been to a book signing for a book about cooking :joy: It was a very awkward situation because I was a shy kid and didn’t know what the book was about but the author was friendly.
I’d really like to go to more book signings but I often find book years after they’ve been published and the author doesn’t do book signings anymore :sweat_smile:

@Bookworms Have you been to a book signing? Tell us about it!


Nope, but I’d love to one day!


YES! Paullina Simons.

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I’ve never been to a book signing ngl, although one of my great aunts is an author! She mostly writes stories about animals, but she has also written some on Irish folklore and legends

I’ve never been to a book signing, but someone my mom is friends with is an author and one that I like if that counts.

@Bookworms - what about you?

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I have