Have you ever gotten called to the principals office?

if so, tell your stories

i’ll start
when i was in like 7th grade i was like mega sad and so i never did any of my schoolwork so much so that i got called to the DIRECTORY. and i am such a good kid like why you gotta do me lie dis? is dis goin on ma permanent record? the principal was so nice tho. i actually started tearing up like i thought it was going to be like matilda and he was going to make me eat a big chocolate cake that was too big for my stomach but somehow it was still too much for me to handle. he felt bad tho, he was like this poor little weeb i bet the counselor has never had to learn her name so he gave me a chick fil a gift card!! idk i rlly hit the jackpot. and then i went on not doing my homework. sorry man ):
i never looked him in the eye again.



And I also got expelled
And it wasn’t even my fault is was the stupid teacher

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whatd u doo

Long story

what do u think i made this thread for

Yes but I’m lazy


pls :pleading_face:

do it for the shannii

Don’t pull the Shani card you evil child

ur being a bad leader


One time, but it wasn’t for anything I had done wrong, there was some serious stuff going on in my family…

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what would isi think?
wait- they dont pay yall do they?

Once ,but there were no serious consequences to it.

Tell her the story she won’t let you die in peace without it

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I flipped off a teacher yeah that was pretty much it.

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Thats so you

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You’ll die rattled

I actually did but i got paddles for being a sassy girl and even though high school is more like a jail cell.

I was also watching this video where school is k*ll you during lunch if you get lunch from school.

I wish I was homeschooled over real school