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Have you ever had a imaginary friend?

Since this week’s theme is Friendship - have you ever had a imaginary friend? I have not. I just used to make up characters. Have you ever had one?


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I used to imagine some Mario characters as my real life friends. I randomly talked to them and have tea parties with them. :sweat_smile: Does that count?


I have an imaginary boyfriend because all the men out there are :face_vomiting:

Yes. Whenever I feel lonely, I start inventing imaginary friends in order to have someone to talk to.

I actually never did!

I definitley did when I was younger, my Mum was like “only lonely children get those”
Yeahhhhh about that :joy:

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Yes, when I felt alone, I imagined characters in my childhood.

Skelly, My mom said the same thing like she was annoying. But the funniest thing is I still do have one and when I was young I used to talk to her .

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