Have you ever had your/a characters memory erased?

Memory erasure the act of taking a part of someone´s memory and wiping it out. Have you ever done this to one of your characters?

  1. Why did the character need their memories removed?

  2. What was the effect?

  3. Did they consent to it/want it?

  4. How did it further the plot to your story?

  5. Did your character ever get their memory back?

  6. Was the memory important?

For me, I plan to erase a part of my main lead memory as she heard something she was never supposed to hear and so caused the death of someone. She was the one who asked a goddess to erase her memory so the person she “Killed” would come back to life.

Though it was quite risky as there was an important message in that same memory that could help her defeat the antagonist.



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Ok so imma use ainslie for this because while she wasn’t ‘erased’ as such, she does have amnesia up until three years ago so:

Trauma. Her brain shut off all memories from before, during and shortly after the event

Loss of all conscious and cognitive memory


Gave her conflict I guess? She’s spent the past three years confused and unable to figure out what her past was like, or why she can’t remember it.

Nope :]

Yea lol. She had to relearn walking, talking, ect.
As well as that, she was left lost after the event, not knowing who she was, who to trust, how to do things, ect.

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It was a dystopian story and the MC had PTSD issues. So he got himself into the MCTP i.e. Memory Conversion Therapy Programme that replaced those horrifying memories with something “palatable”.

I could answer the rest but that would mean spoiling most of the plot :eyes:

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I have a character in Blue Royalty RP that has selective amnesia. She lost her memories after being in a car accident when she visited her home country, and the rest is about to be written out :eyes:

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I don’t think I’ve ever written about characters with amnesia, or characters that lost their memory after an accident. It was kind of a common trope in Mexican telenovelas back in the 90s, so I’m surprised I never wrote it into a subplot back when I used to write webnovelas.

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