Have you ever lost all the progress you made on a story?

This just happened to me. :sob: :sob:

So, there’s this story that I’ve been working on since 2005, on and off. For some reason, every four years or so, I come back to it and add more scenes or chapters. I even had this private forum where I’d write each scene directly into a post. I started planning it in 2005 but didn’t actually write the story until 2009. But in 2012, I made a lot of changes, and wrote over 30 chapters. In 2016 or '17, I wrote a few more, so I’ve written about 40 chapters in all.

Well, not too long ago, maybe in July, I wanted to re-read my story and maybe even rewrite it. But when typing the URL into my browser, I got a nasty surprise.

That forum (and the whole forum provider service) no longer exists.
So, basically, that’s fifteen years of lost progress. FIFTEEN.

I’m trying to recover it using the Wayback Machine search engine, and I have managed to recover some parts of it; but it doesn’t let me see any of the 2012 and beyond changes. It’s only showing me results from 2009. :sweat: :sweat:

Needless to say, I’m pretty sad and disappointed about that, because I wrote some of my best scenes in 2012. However, I have decided to rewrite it and make the best version possible, and today I started making an outline of the story.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Wow! That’s why I write on google docs.

Aw! That sucks!

I haven’t had this but maybe in the future I might. I hope not though.

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Geez, that sounds terrible.

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Omg that’s awful :sob:
Did you ever find the story?

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Just parts of it in notebooks, Word docs, and some of the 2009 version, but not the whole thing. :pensive: :pensive: I’m rewriting it now, though.

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Awww :/// that really sucks but it’s good that you could at least find some parts of the story. And that’s awesome that you’re rewriting it! I’m sure it’ll turn out amazinggg

Yes, I believe I have. Though I think what is more common for me is losing progress on a post when I’m writing for an RP character.

What about you, @Nil?

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Bruh ye. I stopped writing it but then I wanted to look back on it and I couldn’t find it. :neutral_face: sad times. It was over 20k words too.


OMG! That sucks. Where were you working on it?

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I was working on it through a Google Docs.

I tried really hard to try and find it and it was nowhere to be found. 🥲


Damn. That sucks. I wonder where it disappeared too. Did you check the Google drive’s trash?

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Haha I never write I just-

no but seriously yes :sob: on Wattpad-


And that, my friends, is why I hate Wattpad

and the most painful part of losing a progress is you feel like every words you write to make up to the lost ones is nothing but trash :’))


Yeah, I thought you could save drafts on Wattpad?

This is too true. I feel ya there.


I did, actually. I also checked the email I had shared it to and it was also not there.


Yeah, you can, but for some reason mine just disappear when I come back and I can’t recover them


DAMN! That’s a pity. I’m sorry that happened to you.

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Damn. It almost seems very similar to what happened to Phleg but on a different platform.


It’s okay. Hopefully it pops up magically. Won’t though, in reality. Lol. Or maybe, who knows!


That’d be nice. Here’s hoping.