Have you ever peed in a pool?

How many ppl have responded hahha

…I am never swimming again


13 besides me and you :eyes::sparkles: but you can close it now if you want :eyes::sparkles:

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Anyone that has been in a pool has peed in it :joy:

No??? :eyes::eyes::eyes:


I cannot pee in a pool or in the ocean, I once had to go so bad and we were in the middle of the ocean and I legit tried to go because I didn’t want to end up peeing on the boat or something (lmao), but I do not pee in front of people, so my body just would not let me.

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I really try not to considering I hold in my pee… a lot…

Can we delete this now? Who do I ask?

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… Don’t tempt me

Tempt u to what?!?!

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Delete this thread :joy:

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You peed in a pool…gladly?

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Hahha do itttt!

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Delete, not pee. Haha

Boy, I hope I don’t.

Closed due to inactivity :new_moon::dizzy: