Have you ever received a video game as a gift?

Have you ever received a video game as a gift? If so, who was it from and what game was it? If there was multiple, you can give a list.

I’ve gotten gift cards from holidays that allowed me to get video games, that’s all really.

What about you?


Yes, yes, all the time when I was a kid.

What about you, @Gamers?


We got pokemon emerald for Sinterklaas and a bunch of Wii games and SIMS 2 OMG so many sims expansion packs :heart_eyes:

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Yep, I gotten many video games as gifts. Since, they were easy to get that ended being a good present for me usually. That is until I got a job which I would buy myself what I wanted. Then gift cards became the gift instead.

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Yeah! A lot of Pokémon games!

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Yessir. Usually just family being nice.

I think I got persona five royal as a gift.
Watch dogs and a lot of other games.

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Same here, same here. Just Sims 2 though?

Sigh at gift cards.

How many?

What’s this?

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I have a tendency to buy everything I need so I’m known has an impossible for figuring out gifts for me.

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A lot of them, lol. I have Soul Silver, Platinum, Pearl, White, Moon, Y and Ultra Moon.

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rolercoarster tycoo…no that was my brother…I just hijacked it.
zoo tycoon…YES
dino tycoon…no that was also my brother…also hijacked this one…
Freddy Fish…no that one my dad just downloaded…

Yeah sims 4, zoo tycoon and some wii games

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Uh, that’s fair then. Makes sense.

DAMN! That is a lot.

EPIC game, though only the first one, as I hate the others.

Love it. Amazing. I will only say the first ones again though.

What is this?

Heard of it, not played it though.

You’re me. HEHEHE

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Lol yep!

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Yep! And I want White 2.

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It centers around a hacker who wants revenge for his niece and how he use technology to destroy, gather info and kill.

Gift cards are the best gifts.



Very nice.

Moved section and nopeee


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Yes, I used to get a lot of games when I was a kid!

I have! A lot of games I’ve gotten have been as gifts. (There’s way too many to list) Video games have always been a go to choice for me for birthday presents and Christmas presents.