Have you ever regretted buying a book?

Are there any books you paid for but later regretted because they weren’t as good as you thought they would be?


Hm… I think only one. Not Even Bones. I only regret it because I read the series on WebToon instead. Hopefully, when I’m done with my current book, I can finally start that one. I still regret buying it, though.

@Bookworms has this ever happened to you :open_book: ?

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Why? Did you not like the book?

To answer the question, I think ‘The Hazel Wood’.

There have been a lot of books in the past where I bought them, never read them, eventually guilt tripped myself into reading them, then discovered that I didn’t even like them! :rofl::sob:
So yea lol, one or two.
There was this one book that just took me about six months to finish (I can’t move on to another book unless I finish the first, it’s a whole thingemybob which makes reading difficult at times)

No. That will probably be the only thing I’ll never regret buying