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Have you ever thought of creating your own crafts book?

Have you ever thought of creating your own craft books? Personally, I wouldn’t because I’m bad at crafts in general. :sweat_smile:


I have a few of them from middle school when I sat in the auditorium for 3 hours cuz I opted out of the state exams and was bored out of my mind. :eyes:

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I’ve created one years ago but I discarded it lol.
It was pretty rad though. I haven’t thought of making any new ones because it didn’t came to mind to do so anyways and a lack of motivation to do it.

i did for a school assignment i think…

Ohh rad

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Oh no, I wouldn’t even know what to put in there :joy: It would take me forever to come up with enough ideas for a whole book

@Artists What about you?

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Photos, movie tickets, miscellaneous bookmarks, stickers, drawings, pamphlets, magazine clippings, newspaper clippings, ribbons, dried flowers, feathers, seashells, coins, etc.

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When it comes to visual art, I am a follower of tutorials, not a creator.

Yesss, that’s my favorite thing. I write bullet journals every day, and decorate with photos, stickers, dried flowers, and ribbons, … And thanks to art and craft, dark life becomes more interesting every day and it helped me improve a lot of skills.

Yeah, for school we had to make one each year, and it’s kinda something I kept doing after though not as frequent