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Have you ever watched a movie twice that you disliked?

Not by choice, but once I had to watch this boring movie I didn’t care for because I was traveling somewhere by bus, and it was being shown… then, not long after that, I think it was being shown in a bus during another trip.



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Watched it the first time. Understood what it was trying to do, but disagreed with it. Suffered through it a second time and I still didn’t agree with it. The past, and memories of highs and lows, are there to provide important lessons and warnings…to NOT repeat the same mistakes. Seeing two people getting ready to make the same mistakes all over again was just too much for me.

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Uh… don’t think so. Usually I won’t watch it again. Although I have watched a film for a second time and found I disliked it on the second watch.

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@CrazyCaliope I hated the first Frozen when it first came out because I so adored the animated The Snow Queen film (from the 50’s I believe) version as a kid, but after the 2nd watch, the songs latched onto my brain and Disney hijacked it to the point I became obsessed. That, and Anna and Elsa have the same personalities as my real sisters…

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Interesting. Can’t say I can agree, nor disagree, with you there. As I have never seen the films, nor do I really want to. HAHAHA

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Nope. Can’t watch something I don’t like twice

I tend to struggle to even finish things I don’t like so no :joy:

Nope. Not unless I’m forced to. Hasn’t happened yet.

I often rewatch movies and dislike them the second time I watch them but watching a movie twice that I already disliked the first time? No.

@ScreenSloths What about you?