Have you noticed any major changes in the new user stories compared to old ones?

One of the things I’ve noticed is that in most cases, the directing is much more advanced, and there are a lot more special effects and interactivity, tappable overlays, custom backgrounds, etc.

Have you noticed anything different when it comes to newer user stories?


I have noticed that they are also a lot more advanced like you said.

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  1. The coding is more advanced. Because of the new features released, and people discovering new ways to direct, it’s getting advanced. For example: animated overlays. Authors like Wincy.W are using it.

  2. The art style. Now everyone is more towards LL. I rememebered a time where people hated LL and protested. However, it’s changing. After the new releases, people are accepting LL now.


@Episodians? ^^^