Have you seen Contagion?

So there is this movie, Contagion, which matches our situation perfectly, I think. I saw Contagion a long time before the outbreak, just when coronavirus was only in a small village in China.

It is a very interesting movie in my opinion, and it’s really worth it. I really like the fact that you get to see stuff that can actually happen, and might be already happening in various countries. Even though that’s a bit creepy. Hehe.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you are afraid of Covid-19 though, because it might creep you out…

Anyway, here is the trailer:

Have you guys seen it? If so, did you like it? And for all of you who haven’t seen it, are you gonna see it any time soon?


I haven’t seen it and I’m too lazy to watch it :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

I watched that movie with my mom, man that was real creepy. It was a lot like COVID actually, I mean, the actual virus was a lot worse and much more instantaneous, but they were all wearing masks and they all were staying inside too. And it came from a bat?? What the hell man why is it so similar :joy::joy: It was a good movie though, I enjoyed it.

What if the movie actually predicted the future? :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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Well shoot then, looks like it’s gonna get a lot worse before it’ll get better. The virus in that movie was so bad, and it was a lot more deadly. Like literally everyone who got the virus died until they found a vaccine.

Coronavirus is more contagious than the virus in contagion :no_mouth:

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Oh, was it? My bad, it just looked worse to me. I thought it was spread by droplets too and by surfaces?

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Contagion’s virus was worse in symptoms and mild/severe/critical cases percent, but coronavirus is way more contagious, because you can spread it before you start showing symptoms, while showing symptoms, and for two weeks after your body has passed the disease (maybe more than two weeks) O.o

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