😃 Hell Queen's Commissioned Proofreading-Spot 😃

Hey Lovelies,
So I finally opened this Proofreading Spot and the prices are so so cheaper compared to other works.
I was doing them as my hobby, later on, I thought of saving up some

image :smiley:

So here is the price list ( cheapest price ever!!! )

→ Short episode (under 1500 lines) - $1
→ Long episode (more than 1500 lines) - $1.5
→ Episodes with two option for MC like male and female - $2

Payments only via PAYPAL


  • No harsh behavior

  • Leave a deadline and please be patient

  • Only script proofreading

You can contact me via mail


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@Episodians you might find this helpful!!

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Hi, welcome to the forums :wave::relaxed:
I wish you luck with your business!