Help On Characters

So, I’m working on a story about a black fireman, and his daughter. My story is going to be diverse so I’m gonna need help with how they look. So, yes both of them with be MC, in the story. Both of them are African-Americans.

Anything wrong with his features? He’s the father. His name is Travone Collins, he’s 35, he’s a chief fireman.


Her name is Naleisa Taylor, she’s 18, studying meteorology, chief’s daughter. So, yeah she wants to be a meteorologist. Is their anything wrong with her features?



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I’m also using this link for help as well, but in the picture, Im still thinking if their tones are right or wrong.

They’re fine.

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Cool, I thought something was wrong.

They look good


Are you good now? Do you need me to close it?

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sure u can close.

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Topic question has been answered. :blush: