Help Us Hit 1000 'Active' Users!

It’s about time we set up another of these threads again, as it has been too long. (wink)

Again, we’re pulling out the big guns and, this time, going straight to 1000!

Not just 1000 users, but 1000 active users. The activity must pick up from what it now!
Then if it does, the @Heads can guarantee you that there will be a new application 'cause we will be in need new staff members!!!

We’re now at 856! Can you help us get to 1000?

Remember that we still have the Refer a Friend scheme!

  1. Just letting you know.

Damn it. Thank you. HAHAHA


Simple mistake.


861 now :eyes:


How do you see how many of the users are active? :eyes:

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We don’t. It’s more a feel for the activity. We want to see about 30 people online again, rather than 5-10.

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Oh okay :eyes:

If you want people to remain active, you should try to come up with events that require users to log in every day like tmfpw or the sgame did in the past, rn I’m not really seeing events like these being hosted on here much tbh =/

Yeah, and most of those events that have started in the last 6 months haven’t got activity.
If you’d like to return to host such events then you’re welcome to try.

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Little activity is better than no activity tho :eyes: and if there aren’t any ongoing events people can’t join in =/

I’m kinda busy so I can’t log on everyday myself tbh, but I can help with planning stuff if necessary I guess :woman_shrugging:
I kinda have some ideas but they’re not finished and I’m not sure if they’d work well tbh

Uh… that’s not what is being said here. The thread is about counting users and hoping they stay active in discussions and such, and if so, we promise to have another staff application process.
As for ongoing events, there are actually plenty. They’re just not the ones that you used to host 'cause they’re yours and no one wanted to take them over.

This is what I’m talking about, everyone is busy, too busy to log on. If users can’t even log on then they’re not helping with activity. I’m not blaming those users, just stating that’s what is happening.

Anyway, could we please only use this thread to count users and not talk about what you think we’ve not doing here. (pleading_face) It’s just that this is a user count thread and we have feedback threads elsewhere. (wink)

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