Help Us with the New Guidelines!

As you probably all already know, this is a very new forum. As such, we want to make sure that we involve you in the creation of the new guidelines.

We want to make a place where you are involved in the creation of the community and you get a say in how we run it. This isn’t a dictatorship and we don’t want to run it like one!

So the current guidelines are a work-in-progress.

We want to know what you think of them, what we can add and how we can improve on what’s already there.

We will try to implement all that we can and we’ll tell you if we don’t think something will work and why.

At the moment, we’re working on an appeals process to make sure that you get your say when you think that you’ve been unfairly flagged or silenced. We also hope to use suspensions only as a last option.

Please share your thoughts below!


(I am probably late)
I feel like a good aspect of problem solving is trying to solve the problem yourself, before getting help. I feel like we shouldn’t flag instantly, instead PM the person and try to resolve it yourself- again, before getting outside help. If nothing is working, then flag. Some people don’t even know they are doing something wrong. It’s great that this forums isn’t like the Episode forums and you actually give people a chance to explain themselves!


i think the flagging system should be pretty lose and make sure that if someone was flagged to make sure it was a valid reason instead of like the old forums where they just flagged for no reason, as well as trying give someone a Chance to change their topic before merging it immediately. as well as kind of managing those “who do you like the best” threads since those can make people feel pretty left out ngl, but i mean it’s not my place.

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Those are some very good suggestions! With the flagging system, we try not to make things too loose because we want to make sure that people feel comfortable flagging if they see something that’s against the guidelines. However, at the same time, we will make sure to give people warnings before we start flagging them all over the place!

In terms of merging topics, it’s not a punishment, even if it might seem like that on certain other forums, haha! It’s more of a way to make sure that we stay on topic and ensure that there arent duplicate threads to keep the forums nice and organised. So if you did change the topic after a little while, the first few posts would be off-topic for the new topic! If that makes any sense.

But I promise you that we will always have a valid reason for accepting flags and we will always make sure that you know why you’re being flagged (if you’re ever even flagged) so that you can avoid issues in the future. After the warning, of course!


Oh i understand completely! but the rules you’ve decided to put in place already seem great! :sparkling_heart::grin:

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