Help with my College Homework!

Hey there folks! I figured I may as well give this a try here since I could potentially get a real nice response from the forums!

So, I do an art and design course at college and one of our modules is painting. We have a very unique theme in that we just have two words. The words “Now” and “Ingest”. I’m suppoosed to gather some thoughts and interpretations on those words for class, soooo.

So, tell me @HomeworkHelp folks! What do the words “Now” and “Ingest” mean to you, separately or together :eyes:


You could have a painting of someone drinking something while watching a sunset. Ingest - drinking, Now - sunset


You sit at a table, and across you stand your parents. They glare at the vegetables you left in your plate, glaring back at you.

"Ingest the vegetables. Now."


Interesting you think of a sunset with the word now :eyes:

Love it :joy:


I should be creative but I’m not. I’ll come back to this :eyes:


When I think of now, I think of right then, at this moment, present, punctuality, once-in-a-lifetime, not late and not early
Visually… maybe like a eclipse of like all the planets and the sun and the moon. Something you have to see now not earlier or later 'cause it’s only a moment
Maybe regrets too
Ooh also seize the day

When I think of ingest, I think of eating, drinking, swallowing, absorbing, overdosing, posion
Visually, I’m just thinking like spongebob but like human-ified. :sunglasses:
Or someone chugging poison :thinking:


That’s exactly what I think!

That makes sense, mainly.


Lol, yes.


I had to watch a Crash Course Theatre video about the Italian Renaissance and pee jokes.


Both together makes me think of a clock with the hand’s of the clock on “Now” and all other numbers are food

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When I think of now I don’t think of then
When I think of ingest I think of food

When I think of both together I picture a monster eating each moment :thinking:

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ingest i usually think of as similar to eating
now is very immediate, and has a kind of hectic energy

also, i added some tags :eyes:

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What does ingest mean? :eyes::green_heart::no_mouth:


Usually to eat something.



verb: ingest ; 3rd person present: ingests ; past tense: ingested ; past participle: ingested ; gerund or present participle: ingesting

  1. take (food, drink, or another substance) into the body by swallowing or absorbing it.
  • absorb (information).

“he spent his days ingesting the contents of the library”

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Rad :eyes::sparkles:

Draw a monster that represents the present (now) which is eating people who look at the future (a robot?) or the past (a unicorn) :eyes::green_heart:

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Thank you for the help everyone :pleading_face:



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Lol have someone eating a timer that has just ended, or eating a clock.

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I think of now here as like immediate , rn like do or die type
And ingest as taking in information here rather than food or something so for drawing you can -

Draw a person standing between two aspects one side he’s ingesting all the bad vibes (of the past or present )of himself (ingest) and either side a beautiful and more peaceful version of him ( now )
Basically it’ll be like ingesting bad vibes and creating a better and more positive version of oneself
Hope it helps :sweat_smile: I’d tried my best to explain my pov about it

So, I need help motivating myself to read my homework for my self-paced medical coding and billing class. Can anyone help me out?


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