Helpful Worksheets From Shani's Tutoring

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As many of you know, @ShanniiWrites has another website called Shani’s Tutoring which is for everything related to her being an English Tutor!

On that website there’s a shop to buy resources that can help you study, they’re really cheap and laid out so well. I’ve personally bought 3 crosswords and all 3 of them are really good.

So I thought I’d make this post to link all of them in one place, it will be updated as she releases more!

Buying them helps Shannii, which helps the forums, sharing them also really helps.


Grammar Terms Crossword £0.99
Literary Devices Crossword £0.99
Poetry Terms Crossword £0.99


Semantic Field of Hell Wordsearch £0.99
Semantic Field of War Wordsearch £0.99
Semantic Field of Death Wordsearch £0.99
Semantic Field of Church Wordsearch £0.99
Semantic Field of Winter Wordsearch £0.99
Semantic Field of Hospital Wordsearch £0.99

Note Organisation

Organise Your Notes Prose Edition £3.99


AQA GCSE Language Command Words Worksheet £2.00


The Parents Active Listening Guide To Reading £3.99

Once again, buying these helps Shannii, which helps the forums. If you do buy any of them then please remember to leave a review!

All of these will arrive to you through email so you can download and print them out anytime you want.

This means if you complete the crosswords and word searches you can always do them again and again, and each time you do, they’ll stick into your mind.

These were made by a qualified English Tutor (Shannii) so please if they interest you or you know somebody who may be interested, please check them out :blush:

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Thank you to the Awesome El for constantly updating this with the new stuff! El has also been helping me behind the scenes to make the worksheets only purchasable once! @Announcements she’s doing a lot of important work, so if you have the time, give her a round of applause! :smiley:



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On another note, though, the recent worksheet has the new Frequently Bought together function and you get a slight discount on products if you buy them in bulk!


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I have to get rid of bought Together at the moment because it increases the price for Euro users! It’s weird!


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