How close are you to your grandparents?

Well, both my grandmothers are still alive. Both of my grandfathers passed away in the last 20 years. My dad’s father passed when I was six years old from a heart attack and my mother’s father passed back in 2017 due to organ failure from dementia. I was pretty close with my grandfather until he started showing signs of dementia. After he got uncontrollable he had to go into a nursing home since he was getting violent. I would see him every weekend when I was younger because we would have Sunday dinner with my grandparents and aunt. I’m still close to my grandmother but there has been a strain on the relationship due to the choices she has made. I also have a tendency to work constantly so I can’t make it to family events sometimes which added to the strain but she is happy that I work though. My other grandmother is almost 90 this year. She is a spitfire of a woman who likes her independence. I get compared to her a lot by my family. I’m not as close as I should be with her to be honest. Though that is mainly because I rarely hang out with my dad’s side of the family other than her during family events. She can’t hear very well anymore because she had a stroke. So, she is not a very social person. She reads lips in order to pick up on what everyone is saying that is if she is even willing to talk about certain subjects.

How close are you to your grandparents?



I was close to my grandma who pay for my piano lessons in 2010, every Christmas Eve, my family would go over to her apartment to have dinner and then go to church. Even though you been lucky to find a $20 in envelope ( I got one year when receive my keyboard and bench as well)

She was a crafty as well, like do pictures with light inside of it.
Although she now with her own family in heaven, I’m going to continue to play piano to honor her life.

I only have 1 grandparent, my dad’s mom. My grandma is kind and I love going to her house, even if it’s old. I can’t wait to visit her again soon!
All of my other grandparents seem like very sweet people, but sadly, none were alive in my life.