How do i get over embarrassment with my own writing?

I could literally have the most severe confidence about my story, but the moment i publish it??? :grimacing:

Like i have this story i’ve been working so hard on and this girl tells me she’s loves my writing and cant wait for me to write more (i mean, who knows, she could just be being nice). But i’m so insecure about my writing i want to delete my entire story and pretend it doesnt exist because i cannot handle all this first-hand embarrassment oml. :see_no_evil:

Like idk what to do to make myself not feel this way about my writing. I’m crying :sob:


Believe in yourself! Your story is good!! If someone tells you that your story is good, they’re most likely telling the truth. But it’s not just about what others think. It’s about what you think of your story as well. Please don’t delete you story. :pleading_face:

This is a feeling that a lot of people get when they publish their story, so you aren’t alone. Even the best writers may feel this way. Be confident in your story! If you worked hard, I’m sure it’s great!


I’m no expert at writing myself, most of the time what I write on roleplays I look at and think ‘this isn’t the best thing ever, but it’s probably the best I can do right now’. I think maybe (I’m not trying to assume how you’re feeling here) it’s hard not to compare your own writing with other people’s… and comparing it to other people might be part of what is giving you insecurity over it? But even the best of the best have thought (and/or maybe still think) what you do right now.
But if you’ve been working so hard on something, that’s an achievement in itself, that you have had the commitment and motivation to write your own story (regardless of whether or not it is good) and that should be something to be proud about.

I don’t know, maybe this didn’t help at all. I would truly love to read anything you’ve written. I think anyone who’s ever written their own story has succeeded in some way. I certainly could never do it.


I bet your story is great! The trick is believing in yourself!

I almost always feel the same way about my writing. I always feel like my writing is crappy. But I have one published story with a co-writer, and she encourages me and makes me feel better about my writing. Without her, I probably WOULDN’T have published.

So what I am saying is that you should try to get a support system.


I think it helps to have a proofreader or a friend look over it to have a vote in favor of it not being terrible, which can help alleviate some of the stress of “what if it’s actually terrible?”


I’m like this


EVERYONE FEELS LIKE THIS! You’re not alone! It’s called going through a hate phase in your writing! You need to acknowledge that what you’re going through is totally normal and is a hate phase and that you might need to step back and reevaluate then come back. If you still don’t like it then maybe its time to make some edits to it. Good writing is edited a lott before it turned into the works we see today!


Appreciate all of the work that you’ve already done on it. If you really want to edit it, you can, but I think taking a little bit of time off from it will let you be able to make the best edits and form the best opinion about your own story.