How do I make my female MC stronger without it being unrealistic?

So, I’ve been trying to write a story on Dorian and realized that the character kinda became the opposite of a perfect Mary Sue, as in, she is very clumsy and constantly seems to fail at everything…

So how do I fix this without making it unrealistic?
Should I just give her the chance to appear stronger in the final chapter, so she gets the chance to prove herself or something?

In case you need more information on the plot:

The MC is a spy on her first mission, but everything doesn’t go as planned, because she seems to have overestimated her possibilities and someone is working against her.

In chapter 1 you get introduced to her team partner after almost getting caught by the main target of your mission,

in chapter 2 you get to play through the mission and get important information from an office computer,

in chapter 3 you finally arrive at the headquarters of your spy agency with the information you were looking for and then go to a cafe where you meet your sister who seems to know your partner from somewhere,

in chapter 4 you get suspicious of your partner because of various things and in the end he really turns out to be evil and kidnaps you before your boss can tell you what you should do,

And now I’m writing chapter 5, the final chapter, in which the MC has the chance to escape (or die) and most stuff gets revealed depending on the choices you make

My issue is that whenever I write something, I end up making the MC too weak again or make her unrealistically strong and it’s really frustrating me :pleading_face::broken_heart:


you should make her strong in a way that doesn’t make her dominant :eyes:

give her flaws, give her internal strength, give her a backstory, give her goals


She’s a spy, right? You shouldn’t be scared to make her physically strong, because she has a reason to be so :eyes: even though this may contradict with her being clumsy, being clumsy I believe is like a subconscious trait one can have believe me I’ve been in that phase

Yeah, if you mean physically strong, then you can definitely do it reasonably by giving out the reason that she’s trained because what spy isn’t trained to fight, right? It isn’t reasonable at all, but you have to set your own limits as well (her clumsiness can be a limit too!)