How do you avoid an instant romance?

Surely no one actually likes Riverdale enough to care about spoilers… SURELY

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That’s what you’d think…

Betty was too good for Archie I’m sorry but not sorry


True but Barchie is still better than Bughead by far

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Facts, I agree 100%

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To quote Kevin Keller: They aren’t dating, but they are endgame.

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Sometimes, I notice planning romantic relationships escalate really fast to the conclusion, so I would say to just let everything flow. Or, if you notice a potential, then you can just tell your co-roleplayer some outlines or something. Basically being a pantser here lol. Being natural about it and avoiding planning everything can help, actually. And just be patient, because you might now know they won’t really even work for each other :woman_shrugging:

What even were these poll options what-

Anyways painstakingly slow slowburns are definitely preferable to instant romances, as they can be a lot more satisfying to see come into fruition. So avoiding instant romances can make all the difference in having a lovely developed relationship methinks

But yeah, I think avoiding going into interactions with a pre-thought notion of romance is a good idea, 'cause the best slow burns are born out of spontaneity hehe—just let it sort of build by itself instead of having to force anything and usually that builds better relationships. Also, as a general notion, you’re character fallling in love with the first person they met is usually not it, unless they’re the kind to do just that aha

so basically just vibe lol, usually it works out well

Go with the flow like you would in real life :innocent: unless…