How do you comfort a jealous cat?

So my female cat is extremely jealous right now cause my younger male cat came back after running way(?) for 12 days, she was jealous when he first came but learned to deal with him after a couple months, I think she’s doing it again cause she thought she never had to see him again :sweat_smile: So um what should I do to comfort her?


I’m not the cat daddy, but I think she’s probably freaking out because she doesn’t recognise his scent anymore. Try introducing them slowly?



First off, that’s adorable.

Second off, if it’s jealousy, the way I handled it with my rodents was to make sure I spent extra time with the more introverted one. I had a white rat who would stay in the cage more and wouldn’t approach me as much as the other one. But he would get jealous too, so I made sure to reach in and play with him whenever I could.

Just make sure they both know you love the two of them equally


Oh she recognized him right away, yeah he smelled like shit but she recognized him, he walked right up to her and rub himself on her and when he did that, she looked sooo offended, like it looked like she was thinking “Wtf you smell so fucking baddddd get the hell away from me”


Plus when I opened the front door, he literally jumped out of my arms and went straight to Chloe (female cat)


I saw the word “cat” and came as fast as I can. Oh-- @ChaoticDeluge is right. ^^


A jealous cat?

Hmm. I don’t know.

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Yeah I know she feels threatened by him so I out her on top of my bed so she feels like she has more control. She’s acting a bit better so thanks for alk the advice!


Cats are adorable!!

Unfortunately I’ve never had much experience with cats…:sob::sob::heart::blue_heart:


I’m at the store getting my other cat some litter cause we don’t want him going outside yet :joy:
I’m also getting 2 cat toys so hopefully Chloe will be happy :joy:

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Also if things are getting really bad, another litter box is a great bet. Cats feel threatened by one another’s pee (thats why they spray to mark their territory), so having a few more litter boxes around the house might make her feel a little more at ease. That’s if they’re house cats, of course


That’s a great idea! There usually indoor outdoor cats so she has a big back yard all to herself and he gets the litter box so he doesn’t have to go outside

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I didn’t see this thread! How are the cats doing now?


There doing great! When he first came back they couldn’t even be in the same room and now there hanging out


My cat never gets jealous since he knows I wouldn’t betray him. But I once looked after a cat who was being very territorial when she saw a random cat that used to come to my garden.


Closed since I’m assuming your cat is not jealous anymore.