How do you deal with plot holes?

Do you just leave it at ‘oops, plot hole’ (like some comedy authors) or do you try to find a way to excuse it?

I just came across a plot hole in my story last week. Basically, the five main characters are chosen to write for a storytelling app, but their boss gives them a goal: Their story has to have more reads than the stories of the writers that have already been working there for a long time. So then, these writers start introducing themselves and telling the new ladies how many reads they have, their position on the leaderboards, etc…
But then, I thought… if these are the only writers, it wouldn’t make much sense to be competing against each other.
So I had to change it so that the writers the new ladies met were the ‘top writers’ in order to avoid a plot hole.


I have some plot holes in my story so far um… How I plan to deal with it is treating it like a conflict and solving it later in the story and making new interesting stuff out of it if that makes sense. But I do plan to solve most plot holes in editing. I’ve changed my mind a lot with this story and just continued writing when I made a mistake. I only want to finish it. So my plan is to fix everything in editing and hope that works out that way lol.

I usually go back and fix it. My stories on Episode and Wattpad don’t have a lot of reads, so no one would notice/care if I changed something.

When I find a plot hole in my story, I’ll probably just ignore it and hope that nobody else notices :sweat_smile: If a reader points it out, I’ll find a way to excuse it :joy:

What about all the other @Writers?


I fix it!!


I go back through my story and hit the planning stage again

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I definitely fix it, I take my writing way too seriously not to fix it lmao

I agonise over it during the conceptual phase: Looking for holes, picking weak points, playing devil advocate and trying to find out why my story is not going to work. I don’t start writing until I’ve ripped and torn everything to shreds, then glued it back again :sweat_smile: Having university professor parents does that to you, sigh.

I meticulously reread my work to figure out what happened and how to (try and) fix it.

I go back over to figure out what I can do to fix the plot hole. Like for instances, in my Daughter of the Blue Dragon I mixed up to time frame of the story where I had to go back to fix the time skips. I think I fixed that one anyway. I’m going over the story now anyway.