How do you find the best RP partner for you?

I’ve never had an RP partner before, though I really want to try doing a 1x1 roleplay someday. Finding the best RP partner, for me, has two ways: look in the Find an RP Partner thread for interested RPers or request someone I’m close to here on the forums to do it with me. I’ve tried the former two times, though, and I’ll say I wasn’t successful at all xD so the latter should be best for me, especially because I’m comfortable enough to share my crazy ideas with them and potentially understand them tacitly during the execution

@RPers, how about you?


Trial and error.
And partake in a bunch of rp’s so you can try writing with other players.


my best advice is to first find someone you vibe with out of rp, so communication won’t be an issue
i rarely do 1x1 rps (unless a couple casual lines on dms count) but honestly, having people i vibe with makes it so much easier to advance and develop everything it’s almost natural at this point for me to develop some sort of relationship (platonic, romantic, familial, antagonistic, etc) with my fras’ charas haha


It has to be someone you vibe with and are just generally comfortable with because that makes so much aspects of creating that RP with em soo much easier in just soo many ways. Especially if they’re like someone you can easily bounce ideas with, and you both just have that :sparkles: chemistry :sparkles: that results in some awesome RP plots then bada bing bada boom