How do you find your character's fashion?

So, as le title says, how do you choose what kind of :sparkles: fashion sense :sparkles: they have?

To me, it’s usually pretttty obvious ish, and I can pick out the type of outfit they’d vibe with. I just usually don’t because that is a lot of effort lmao and I’m way too picky.

How do you find the type of clothing your character would wear?


It’s pretty easy to understand for me.

Usually by looking at their personality…

Just what fits the personality

Or just look up on Pinterest and find things that would look rad on them
Or pictures of the fc, depends if it fits the character

tbh i base their personalities off their fashion sense now
like if the fits aint fire i aint rping simple as that

i have a whole board of patiently waiting chars look
yall can steal idc
but if ppl compliment u tell em it was me :nail_care:

I usually just go with outfits that fit the vibe I want my character to have

I usually go with what fits the character and their personality, lifestyle…

yes :eyes:

I just go with the style that I think they might likely vibe to.

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