How do you plan your episodes?

Back when I was obsessed with episode I used to try to write stories left and right 24/7.
I would always write down my character ideas and their personality’s. Then I’d write down scenes that could happen. I never fully planned out my episodes because I was always excited and wanted to hurry and start coding. Long story short I never published a story lol :skull:

@Episodians ~ How do you plan your episodes if you write any?

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Ooh, good question!
I usually start by writing down a vague outline of my characters and the plot. Then, I work on their traits and characteristics with mood boards and character cards, like this:

These are for my upcoming story, which I plan to publish in two weeks:

Mood boards and 'meet the character' cards

After I have a good idea of who the main characters are, I start thinking about their families, friends, and those who they will interact with often in the story. Sometimes, I make a rough list of the events I want to happen in a specific episode, but often, a random scene idea pops into my head while I’m working or doing something else, and I just write down that idea before I forget it, and save it for coding. If a scene I want to write requires a very specific background/overlay, I go on an intense BG/overlay hunt before writing the scene.

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omg you are so organizedddd

And those mood boards and character cards are so well put together a beautiful omg :weary: :two_hearts:

What’s your story? I’d love to read it when it’s published.

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Thanks! It’s called ‘There’s No Accounting for Taste’. I’m already halfway through the third episode, so I think it’ll be ready to publish in two weeks.

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Omg okay I’m bookmarking this post so I don’t forget :relieved: :ok_hand:t5:

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Changed category~

Although I love the storytelling in Episode, I’m a very unorganized person and I actually “plan” as I go. I know that you have to plan in Episode because of the branches and stuff which I think I can do but just too lazy to, so I just try to stay away from things like this xDDD

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