How Do You Write For Genders Other Than Your Own?

When RPing, it’s common to have to write for a character that is not the game gender as yourself. Many of us work better with characters that are the same gender we are, but for some RPers they work better with other genders.

Is it easier for you to create/rp a character of your gender or a different gender?
What makes characters of a different gender easier/harder?
What tips do you have for writing characters of a different gender?



I noticed it becomes easier the more you practice, like with most. but I prefer girls, but still try both genders if possible


I am better at playing guys and I’m a girl so idk


Whenever I see an RP, immediately I think of a girl i don’t know why but, I guess it’s because I’m a girl and it’s easier for me

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Yes it is easier for me to rp with characters that are male when I’m a female. I have no idea why I enjoy it so much. I think I have Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder (but haven’t been diagnosed with it so can’t really say I positivley have it) and in the stories I make while daydreaming the protagonist is often male. I don’t know what that would mean for me, but maybe, being a woman I know life can’t get as interesting as I can imagine it to be, and I belive switching genders in stories could make it sound more believable to us.
I have no tips for writing characters of a different gender. The main gender I use in RPs are mostly men unless there is a rule to making 2 characters of different genders. I usually RP the same way with both genders and I include some of my own personality traits into the characters so I could connect with them easier. Unlike some people who tried to make a psychopath and they didn’t make a single trait like their own, and the person ended up deleting the character because the person in question hated him and the interactions he had with others.


my mommy issues make me very manlike naturally so

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I could go with either one, but I usually go for a different gender to even out the ratio :eyes:

I guess it’s harder to find faceclaims? Most are female

Just forget the gender